12 Delicious Ground Beef Meals

Ground beef is a versatile ingredient that can be used in countless recipes, making it a staple in many households. From quick weeknight dinners to comforting family favorites, ground beef can be transformed into delicious meals that are both satisfying and easy to prepare.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner in the kitchen, these easy ground beef recipes are sure to become go-to favorites that you’ll come back to time and time again. With a little creativity and a few simple ingredients, you can whip up flavorful and hearty dishes that are perfect for any occasion.

 Jamaican Patties

This sheet pan recipe is a beautiful blend of sweet plums and soft red onions with roasted chicken. To make this a complete one pan meal, toss in some Brussels sprouts or other vegetables and your dinner is ready in 45 minutes or less.

This is clearly a classic dish that never goes out of style. You can’t go wrong with this delicious Shepherd’s pie casserole dish that consists of flavorful ground beef and vegetable bottom layer topped with creamy mashed potatoes.

Shepherd's Pie

Seriously, nachos for dinner? Nachos with ground beef and cheese can be a full meal when you feel like having a treat night. Load up the veggies and the ground beef to make this a complete and satisfying meal.

Ground Beef with Nachos and Doritos

Stuffed Bell Peppers is another classic meal. Crunchy bell peppers are stuffed with ground beef and rice to create the perfect texture and flavor in every bite.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

A classic Beef Stroganoff is traditionally made with sauteed pieces of beef. However, this version made with ground beef is quicker and easier to make. It's still a creamy noodle dish that's as warm and comforting as the original recipe.

Beef Stroganoff

The toasted garlic bread topped with the meat sauce and melted cheese is the ultimate comfort food.  So if you’ve had a super busy day and need something quick, try this Italian sloppy joe sandwich.

Easy Italian Sloppy Joes

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