Popular Baby Names in Countries Around the World

Today, the pools of popular names in each culture and country look entirely different than they did thousands of years ago.

21st-century parents are choosing names for their children based on their originality, familial significance, and sound as well as for their meaning.

Stacker takes a closer look at the five most used male and female names in 30 different countries.

– Most popular girls names: Charlotte, Amelia, Olivia, Mia, Ava – Most popular boys names: Oliver, William, Noah, Jack, Henry


– Most popular girls names: Olivia, Emma, Charlotte/Amelia, Chloe – Most popular boys names: Liam, Lucas, Oliver, Benjamin, Logan

Canada (British Columbia)


– Most popular girls names: Eevi, Sofia, Venla, Ella, Aino – Most popular boys names: Eeli, Elias, Leo, Oliver, Eino

– Most popular girls names: Emilía, Emma, Lilja/Sara/Elísabet, – Most popular boys names: Alexander, Aron, Mikael, Jón, Kári


– Most popular girls names: Julia, Emma, Sophie, Tess, Zoë – Most popular boys names: Lucas, Levi, Finn, Sem, Noah