Men Share Confusing Things About Women

One man asked, why women start a conversation, then continue the conversation after walking into another room where you can’t be heard? “Or out of nowhere starting up part of the way into a conversation where the first part obviously took place internally."

Talking When You Can't Be Heard

One man complained that every time he asks his girlfriend if she wants anything from the drive-thru, she says no but then eats some of his food when he gets home.

Refusing Food and Then  Eating Theirs

A man pointed out that women can go back in time and bring up past arguments as if they had just happened. “How a woman can instantly tap into the rage (with 0 energy loss) they experienced from an argument we had 2 years ago, and I don’t even remember it happening.”

Bringing Up Old Fights

A few men complained that they can’t get a straight answer from their women on even something simple like where to eat dinner.

Difficulty Making Decisions

One man complained: “Women are one hundred thousand times worse for kissing and telling, and doing it much more graphically, too. A man would at most be like, we hooked up! It was awesome!”

Sharing Intimate Details with Friends

Showing Interest

One man wondered why women seem to give mixed signals. “The signals they give to men to show they like them or are interested, they are confusing and most of the time can not be noticed or even interpreted as signals.”

Women wouldn’t exactly call this one a problem! “I will never understand how women are so soft, smooth and wonderful to touch. It feels like men have scales for skin in comparison. We just wanna hug the squishy and never let go.”

Soft Skin