Mini Eggplant Pizza Bites

With just six ingredients and done in under 30 minutes, these mini eggplant pizza bites make a great appetizer or snack for the family. They are healthy, low-carb and delicious. 

Have a pizza night without the guilt! Skip the dough and make these  roasted eggplant pizza bites instead. 

These mini eggplant pizza bites are so versatile that you can sneak in even more veggies and have fun with different toppings like:

– mushroom slices – chopped spinach – jalapeno slices – roasted peppers – sundried tomatoes – fresh basil

You can also add protein to the pizza bites like: -ground turkey -mini pepperoni slices -BBQ chicken -ground beef -sausage slices This recipe is also keto friendly.

We bake them in the oven because it can be done in one batch. Its perfect in an air fryer as well but will require a few batches because they are smaller.