How to Make Nachos with Doritos and Ground Beef

Yes Nachos for Dinner!

Nachos with Doritos and ground beef can be a full meal by loading on the vegetables. It will be a treat for everyone in the family, kid approved and is great party food too. 

Toppings Options

shredded chicken



crumbled feta cheese

sliced onions

sliced pickles

bell & jalapeno peppers

and more!

Got a Soggy Nachos Problem?

Don't put much liquids on top. Instead dip the nachos in the salsa and sour cream

Spread the nachos out on two trays when baking

Can you Reheat Nachos?

Yes at a lower temperature. Try 300F for 10 minutes or less

Nachos are easier to get crispy again if you keep the liquid off as suggested!

Having a family game night?

Then these nachos with Doritos are a must have for dinner!

Having a Party?

These nachos with ground beef are the best party food.

They can be an appetizer, a  snack or a meal!