There's work-life and then there's mom-life I like to call the 3C's - cooking, cleaning and children! Balancing it all is definitely a challenge. 

Are you a mom with your own business and no set hours? Are you always struggling to work around your family time? Driving a business to a successful and profitable state requires an enormous investment of time and energy.

Mom Life vs Work Life

Clearly parenthood and being a business owner both have their ups and downs!  But this hasn’t stopped moms from taking the entrepreneurial road.

Despite the challenges, 23.2% of the women entrepreneurs surveyed decided to start a business at the same time that they were starting a family.

"My number #1 tip is to work around the kid’s hours and be flexible about when you work."

Samantha of RecipeThis

“It is a balancing act, but I try to pick a different task to focus on each night after my daughter goes to bed."   Darcey, NMC Coaching

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