How to Make Easy & Delicious Chicken Keema

Chicken keema  is a ground meat curry recipe. It’s flavorful and rich in spices, and if you feel like eating a curry dish or Pakistani food, this quick and easy meal will satisfy those cravings.

Canola oil onion chopped garlic/ginger paste ground chicken  ground coriander ground cumin ground cardamom ground turmeric ground garlic ground ginger ground cayenne pepper ground cinnamon salt and black pepper (or to taste) ground garam masala diced tomatoes green beans


You can substitute green beans for other veggies like peas, potatoes, okra, peppers, fiddleheads and more!

Got Leftover Keema? 

Put it on top of pizza Put in puff pastry and make samosas Make an omelet with it Make tacos and more!