This isn't your typical cannoli cake. Chocolate Cannoli Cake is quite different because first, its a sheet cake, and second, its not full of cream.

This cannoli cake has an amazing flavor combination of coffee, chocolate, orange and ricotta cheese.

– sugar – cold brew coffee – canola oil – orange juice – large egg  – vanilla extract – flour – cocoa powder – baking powder – salt




– egg white  – ricotta cheese – sugar – cold brew coffee – orange zest – chocolate chips

Combine the egg white, ricotta cheese, sugar, cold brew coffee, orange zest and chocolate chips in a small bowl.

In another larger bowl, combine the batter ingredients (sugar, coffee, oil, juice, egg, vanilla, flour, cocoa powder). Beat well with a mixer

Combine the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt; gradually mix it into the sugar mixture until well combined

Pour into cake pan and top with heaping spoonful's of ricotta mixture. Then swirl with a knife and bake.