Hosting a dinner party can be nerve racking, especially if you haven’t hosted before.

So we put together this handy guide on how to throw a holiday party!

Whether you have 2 guests or a crowd of 20, a home cooked meal or catered food, fine china or paper plates; just remember that its the thought that matters most. Inviting guests into your home to enjoy food, drinks and great company is a gift you are giving to them.

When an old friend dies by suicide, a group of former college pals gathers over Thanksgiving weekend to reminisce about their younger years and who they have become.

The Big Chill

Does everyone know each other? How much space do you have? Is it formal or casual? Keep it smaller if its formal.

The Guest: List

Hiking Boots


If you really want to hike and adventure to see the real sights of the Big Island, you will want to be prepared.

Rule number one in hosting is that its never a good idea to try out a new recipe for your dinner party unless you are a master chef! Stick with what you know and what you are best at cooking if you are planning to do a home cooked meal.

A Good Camera


You’re going to want more than what your average phone camera can capture. These are going to be photos of a lifetime.

Try to accommodate dietary restrictions as much as you can so that everybody feels comfortable. 1 to 2 dishes are enough

Scent of a Woman

Warm Clothes


Weather can be fickle here. If you plan to hike all day, make sure to be prepared with a set of warmer layers in a backpack.

Always start with one or two appetizers and end with dessert. Many people look forward to a sweet treat after dinner.

Snorkeling in Maui

Must Do:

Read the full timeline of when you should start grocery shopping, prep work, cleaning, picking your outfit, decorating and more to help your get organized before the big day.