Decluttering Tips From Experts  

Decluttering and organizing an entire home can be an overwhelming task. Clutter can cause anxiety, affect our ability to focus, and generally make us less productive and comfortable in our homes.

A study titled “Procrastinators and Clutter: An Ecological View of Living with Excessive Stuff” published in 2017 found there exists  "behavioral procrastination tendencies related only to clutter,” which, in simple terms, means people living in spaces with too many possessions often feel overwhelmed.

Whether we realize it or not, our brains actually prefer order. Another study showed physical order helps us to improve our behavior, make healthier choices, and even influence us to become more generous.

Most people struggle to balance work with at-home responsibilities, including cleaning, organizing, and dealing with all the possessions they’ve accumulated.

If you start small, you can almost guarantee yourself a win, which can give you the motivation you need to do the next project, which can be a little bit bigger, like a cabinet. Start small and work your way up to larger projects.

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Start Small

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The Big Chill

One of the most important steps of organizing is containing each category separately, so the entire household knows where those items live when not in use.

 The Kitchen

Create a Space for Everything

Reintroduce yourself to the things you own. Many people have barely worn clothes they have forgotten about or things in storage they haven't touched in years.

Look at Your Stuff

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Must Do:

 Tackle that small drawer, or that one shelf in the pantry, whatever it is that you have time for and you can handle, and then use the momentum and the win from that to help you move forward. Take your time, and you don’t need to get it all done at once.

Declutter One Space at a Time