Great Marriage Advice that Sounded Absurd

“My grandfather told me never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.”. What I learned is that he would always help my grandma and that is when they did their most talking.”

Clean the Dishes

“My father always said that the best thing he and my mother got for their marriage was a king sized mattress over a queen size.”

Buy a King Sized Mattress Together

One Reddit poster was told to never teach his spouse to learn how to drive. He was also told: “Don’t criticize each other’s driving – it leads down a dark path.”

Don't Teach Her to Drive

“When our kid was about to be born, someone told me to change the first diaper. They said if you can handle the first one, the others will be easy. The advice was correct, no other diaper was as disgusting as the first one. It got very easy and I never minded doing it, and my wife was really really grateful."

Change the First Diaper

Buy Separate Blankets

“Buy two sets of blankets/sheets for your bed. It sounded pretty funny/unnecessary but once we tried it, never going back. We’re both of a blanket hog and now we can hog it all we want without issues. Or one of us hotter/colder you can add or remove blankets only from your side.”

Bill Maher said “The three most important words in a relationship aren’t ‘I love you’, they’re ‘let it go’ “.

Let It Go

“It’s not just the little things, it’s the little things that get done WITHOUT BEING ASKED OR TOLD TO.”

Do Things Without Being Asked