Fun Games to Play on Paper

Remember the simpler times when all we had was paper and pencils to keep ourselves busy? That’s right, no phones, no tablets and most didn’t even have a computer!

A cryptogram is a type of puzzle that consists of a short piece of encrypted text. Generally its the answer to a clue, a question or a joke that can only be answered by solving the ‘code’.

Make a Cryptogram

Choose a theme and write various related to the theme in each box. As they are spotted on a player's card, they must cross the item off until they fill a line.

Make Bingo Cards


Pictionary is a classic game to play and you don't even need to buy the board game. Separate into teams. One person draws a picture and their teammate has to guess what it is before time runs out.

Hangman is a guessing game. One player thinks of a word that can be anything ranging from an object to a name of a favorite movie or show. You can really pick any theme you like. The other player tries to figure out that phrase by saying a letter within a certain number of guesses. Each time a letter is guessed incorrectly, a body part is drawn to create a figure of a man.