Warning Signs Men See on the First Date

Readers were asked about first-date red flags men see in women. It’s interesting to see if women see the same flags in men and hear about their wild and hilarious first-date stories. Here is what men had to say about the warning signs they saw on their first dates.

“This is what men mean when they say “not putting in effort”. If a man is breaking his back to keep you engaged and you’re not showing initiative, it doesn’t matter how pretty you are or what kind of job you have, or any of that. He will most likely not ask for a second date.”

Poor Conversation

Constantly checking messages and sending texts while on a date is a definite turn off.

Using Their Phones

“I had one girl almost immediately tell me her father died, and her and her mother don’t have a good relationship (ended in police becoming involved). Of course I paid the bill cuz you know, I’m a guy. BUT, I never talked to her again after that.”

Talking Too Much About Her Problems

Without a good excuse, showing up late can feel disrespectful to the person waiting.

Showing Up Late

Drinking Too Much

“Thought it was going to be chill….uh…so when we got there instead of heading to the cashier to order a coffee she went and sat at a table off in a corner out of sight from the employees, pulled out 2 portable, stemless, wine glasses and poured rosé into them. It was like 11am. I had to nudge her away from just getting drunk in the corner.”

“One reader said “She openly talked about using men she’s dated. I excused myself, paid the tab, came back and let her know I was going home.”

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