Family Chore Chart for All Ages

Do you feel like a broken record, constantly nagging everyone to pick up their clutter over and over? Instead of wishing the family would pitch in and help with the chores, why not take steps to get organized and make a family chore chart?


Household responsibilities can feel never-ending for parents. Moms often feel overwhelmed with all the household responsibilities and struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance. When everyone in the family helps with the chores, it helps reduce a parent’s workload and stress.

Chores aren’t just about cleaning the house. Chores can teach children many valuable lessons. There are also several developmental skills that children can learn, such as time management and organizational skills.

Why Should I Make a Chore  Chart?

Yes, even the little ones can contribute to the household chores. Of course, they will need supervision. Toddler chores will be different, but they will still give them a sense of responsibility. Some things that can be on a toddler chore chart include:

Assigning Age Appropriate Chores

Brush teeth Help with picking-up toys Use the potty Get ready for bedtime

Toddler Age Chores

– The same list as the toddlers – Get dressed – Help with sorting and picking up toys and placing them back on the shelf or in a bin – Put some dirty clothes in the hamper – Bring meal plate to the counter


Children 5 to 8

– Complete the same chores as the toddlers and the preschoolers – Wipe tabletops – Put dirty clothes in the hamper – Bring meal plate to the counter – Complete any homework