Ways to Save on a Disney World Vacation

Disney experts share how you can save money planning a trip.

Many kids dream of going to Disney World, and many parents hope to fulfill them. But getting to Disney can feel unattainable for some families, depending on the distance and the number of people going.

It’s no secret that going to Disney  World is a considerable expense and requires a lot of planning. With four  parks to visit  the cost of transportation, accommodation, park entry, food, and additional entertainment can add up  fast.

These money-saving tips will make a dream Disney vacation more affordable, especially for bigger families.

They have a relationship with Disney to deliver the lowest ticket prices, and you are never at risk.

Book Through a 3rd Party or Disney Reseller

Plan Ahead

The best months to go to Disney World are January, February, August, and September. Rates on hotel rooms can be hundreds of dollars less per night compared to the busier times of the year.”

Disney offers discounts for military families, annual pass holders, and Florida residents, among others.


Larger families can bring sandwiches, snacks, beverages (as long as they are not in glass containers) which will save them a lot of money at the parks.



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