Do warm baked goods just make you happy? Do you want to bake something quick and eggless? Then this recipe is for you!

This banana bread is moist, delicious, eggless and  simple to make. You can mix it all in one bowl.  Read more about how you can make this banana bread even healthier by changing a few ingredients.

Use up to 2 cups of bananas for moist bread but not more than that because you don't want to make it soggy.


– ripe bananas  – canola oil  – honey – vanilla extract – all-purpose flour  – baking powder – baking soda –  walnuts and/or chocolate chips are optional

Different Variations To Try if Going Nut Free

-Fresh or frozen blueberries  -Peanut butter and chocolate   chips -Sprinkle flax seeds, bran, quick oats or shredded coconut on top

Healthier Substitutes

-Replace oil with apple sauce -Use half whole wheat flour and half all-purpose flour