Baklava with Dates and Nuts

Baklava is a Greek and Middle Eastern dessert with layers of pastry loaded with walnuts and drizzled with syrup.

Baklava is a wonderful dessert to share with family and friends. Dates and nuts with syrup and orange flavor are wrapped up in sheets of phyllo pastry to make and easy yet fancy and delicious dessert.

This is not your typical baklava, but more my unique twist on it. It’s a little different as I incorporated fresh orange in the filling and in the syrup along with a hint of cardamom.

You can use fresh dates or date paste for this recipe. For fresh dates, remove the pits and pulse in food processor until its a paste. 


date paste – walnuts – almonds – pistachios – orange – phyllo pastry – butter  – water – green cardamom pods – sugar

Don't fall victim to a soggy baklava! Allow the baklava to cool completely and do not cover it while it's cooling. Leave it on the counter at room temperature and do not store it in the fridge!