Canned tuna kebabs are an easy and budget friendly meal, perfect for a busy weeknight.

You can use Albacore, Yellowfin or Skipjack canned tuna. These tuna kebabs are so flavorful, the type of tuna doesn't matter.


– canned tuna  – potatoes  – spring onions – onion – cilantro chopped – Green chilli  – onion  –cumin powder –coriander powder –black pepper –garam masala –chili powder –turmeric –nutmeg –eggs  –cornstarch – oil for frying  

Boil potatoes until tender. Add to food processor with onions, cilantro, potatoes, tuna, egg yolk, and all the spices including cornstarch.

Pulse until almost a paste like consistency.

Form into patties and dip in egg whites. Shallow pan fry for few minutes on each side.

Serve tuna kebabs for dinner with a fresh salad or eat them in a sandwich. Leftovers are perfect for lunch the next day!