Travel Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Trip

Many people travel to relax and to learn and appreciate the beauty and customs of other countries. But travel mistakes can be very stressful and ruin your trip.

Don’t wait to learn from experience. Here are some excellent travel tips to help ensure your next adventure is safe and smooth.

We keep a lot of essential information on our phones. But what if the battery dies or your phone gets lost while traveling? One reader advised, “Put your flight time, flight number, hotel address, and booking confirmation codes on a piece of paper.”

Only Relying on Your Phone

In some places, a traveler may be better off carrying big backpacks than wheeled luggage in areas where the surface isn’t meant for them.

Taking Wheeled Luggage Everywhere

Packing too many clothes means dragging around heavy suitcases and trying to jam them into taxis or other public transportation. There’s also the stress of luggage being overweight, in which case you will either have to pay extra or remove some items.


There are so many different aspects to plan when traveling, from flights to hotels to getting site-seeing passes, that we often forget to check the date on our passports.

Not Checking the Date on Your Passport 

Only Looking at the Cost of Flights

It’s important to not just focus on the cost of the flight. You need to consider many other factors, and cheap flights are notorious for being unreliable.