A good bedtime routine for children can be one of the most challenging things for parents to establish.

Ways to Help Get the Kids to Bed Easier

It can also be stressful for parents every day, trying to convince kids to wind down and get to bed. Many parents are willing to try anything to get their kids into bed without experiencing rising blood pressure and anxiety when bedtime comes.

Here are a few ideas parents have shared that help them get their kids tucked into bed with less resistance.

This parent found that a critter-shaped sleeping bag helped her create a story that interested her child and got him to run into bed every night. Read her story.

Use Animal Sleeping Bags

Stuffed animals may not do the trick of getting kids to bed. But the idea of adopting a pet and becoming their ‘caretaker’ or ‘parent’ could motivate them to be more responsible at bedtime.

Adopt a Stuffy

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Many parents believe that kids need to ‘wind down’ at night before bed, meaning they must be calm and still. Many think that if they start running around and playing before bedtime, they will only get more hyper and worked up. But some parents realize that this isn’t working for their children. Any pent-up energy they still have will make it even more challenging to get them to bed.


Of course, tricking your kids into going to bed can only last so long. They will catch on eventually as they grow, but take advantage of it for as long as it works!

Trick Them