Bad Dating Advice Women Give Each Other

Some women go into a relationship thinking they can change a man. But setting this expectation can be unrealistic and disappointing.

You Can Fix Him

“Playing hard to get, or acting cold to get men’s attention. It just make most men feel bad. Even if it works, it is a sort of miserable behavior."

Play Hard to Get

“It’s really confusing whether you’re being friendly or flirty because if we go approach and you get weirded out, now the friendship is off balance. Women should be direct or at least make it more pronounced that there is an interest.”

Play Mind Games

Sometimes women turn to social media and other forums for relationship advice and share it with their girlfriends. Just because it’s on the internet, doesn’t mean its good advice.

Get Advice From Social Media

Several women commented that females are viewed as being too assertive if they take initiative, so they believe that it can turn a man off.

Don't Take Initiative

Don't Respond to Texts  Immediately

“Don’t respond to his texts right away, you’ll seem desperate” This goes back to playing mind games. They might even put the potential boyfriend in a lose-lose situation if he responds too quickly by calling him desperate.

“Girl, your confidence is just too much for men who cant handle a strong woman!” apparently that sends us running in fear. The truth is its usually arrogance not confidence, materialism not ambition, and a belief in new age mysticism passing as intelligence/spirituality that probably sent men running.”

Don't Act Confident