Baby Names Gaining Popularity in the 21st Century

To aid you in your baby name search, Stacker used the Social Security Administration’s historical archives of baby names to compile a count of the birth names from 1980–1999 and 2000–2019 (released in 2020).

A baby girl name with Spanish origins, Isabela means “my God is bountiful.” Sometimes spelled with two Ls, Isabela was a common name for those of royal descent during the middle ages


An ancient Hebrew name, it is thought that Judah was derived from the Hebrew word “yadah” meaning “praise.” Judah is an important character in the Bible, a direct descendant of King David and Jesus.


A Greek name meaning “life,” Zoey is a variation of the name Zoe. There are several celebrities who bear the moniker (or close variations of it) including Zoey Deutch, Zooey Deschanel, and Zoe Kravitz.



Centuries ago, the Normans introduced the name Emery to England, and while the name was never immensely popular, it survived. Finally gaining traction as a name given to newborn boys, Emery means “work ruler.”

The popular name Amaya is a variation of Amaia, a Basque word that means “the end.”