It’s always great to find ways to save money. But is there a point where you can be too frugal?

Are These Great Ways to Save or Are They Being Too Frugal?

Here are some things that people are doing that some people may say cross the line between saving and being too frugal.

For many, using a bidet is a great way to feel cleaner and fresher after using the toilet. But does using a bidet warrant completely ditching toilet paper?

Ditch the Toilet Paper for Water

Is it worth it to make regular trips  to the grocery store to find meat close to the expiration date on sale? Many believe it’s a fantastic life hack for saving money and getting good food.

Buy Meat that's About to Expire

s washing out ziplock bags and reusing them repeatedly worth the cost of buying more? Some people have a complete system down with how they clean and store their bags for reuse.

Wash and Reuse Plastic Bags

Would you be willing to sacrifice having a smartphone for an old-fashioned flip phone to save money?

Use an Old Flip Phone

 These programs are great because they help your friend by recommending a company you like, plus you get a payout at the same time; it’s a win-win situation

Second Hand Furnishings