Ways to Increase Storage Space in Your Backyard

One of the most popular current housing trends is adding interior-style home furniture and decor in an outdoor setting. But unlike spaces enclosed by four walls, it’s hard to find outdoor spots to easily add shelving, nooks, and drawers to stash items out of the way.

Extra Space Storage selected seven easy ways, all of which are DIY (or have DIY elements), to increase storage in your backyard that can be used in any outdoor space, big or small.

Imagine having storage space under the coffee table or additional hidden side tables. Having hidden storage can also keep all the things you’d need for your morning coffee break like napkins or spoons or just double as a place to keep things out of sight like a cozy blanket or laptop charger.

Master grill stations have shelves for storage space, built-in counter surfaces, and hooks to hang spatulas and basting brushes. They also usually have wheels to cart around easily.

Outdoor storage benches are ideal for hiding outdoor essentials—such as cushions, toys, or beach towels—from the elements while serving as seating space that looks great among other patio furniture.

Storage buckets can be convenient while providing some decorative flair in your backyard. Affordable and easy to find, they come in all sizes, materials, and shapes.