20 Toddler Snacks You Haven't Tried Yet

There are a ton of different toddler snack ideas out there on the web. But I saw only a few toddler snack combinations when searching for some ideas for my own toddler. Toddlers are sometimes the easiest to please  and can be impossibly picky regarding food. Many would rather be on the move than sit down and eat. So here is a list of snacks for toddlers to enjoy and get their nutritional requirements.  

You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables or frozen fruit and vegetables to create many variations of smoothies. Wal-Mart carries Dole Frozen Fruit and Veggie Blends and many other frozen packaged smoothie ingredients.

Fruit & Vegetable Smoothie

Another Yummy Toddler Food recipe we love is easy homemade granola bars. It’s not only nutritious, but you can freeze it for up to 3 months to have on hand for a hungry toddler.

Homemade Energy Bars

Cut a boiled egg in slices and pair with whatever cheese you have on hand.

Title 2

Hardboiled Eggs with Cheese

When an old friend dies by suicide, a group of former college pals gathers over Thanksgiving weekend to reminisce about their younger years and who they have become.

The Big Chill

You can create your own fresh vegetable tray, including you and your toddler’s favorite vegetables. Our favorites are carrots, broccoli, slices of bell pepper, and cucumber!

Vegetable Tray

Yogurt parfait combines many healthy ingredients such as Greek yogurt, fresh fruits, and granola. Some parfaits even have chia seeds for an additional boost.

Yogurt Parfait

Snorkeling in Maui

Must Do:

Making homemade fruit popsicles is one of the easiest toddler snacks besides cereal. Add your fruit to your popsicle mold. Then, add your juice, lemonade, water, or even milk and put it in the freezer; boom, it is ready.

 Fruit Popsicles