Country Boy Names with Southern Charm

You don’t have to be a southern baby to have a country boy name. Some people like country boy names because they sound strong and a little badass.

But don’t think these strong country boy names are old-fashioned or too traditional. Many on the list are still modern country boy names.

Enjoy this list of country boy names and the meanings behind them.

Irish origin, meaning ‘little fire.’The name was inspired by an Irish mythological god, Aodh or Aed, meaning fire. There is also a city and province in Turkey named Aydin. Some also spell it Aidan.


English origin, meaning ‘long hill.’ Landon is another name that began as a surname and is now a popular first name.



The name Owen can be traced back to Medieval times. The name started as Owain ap Urien, which belonged to a Welsh prince. Owain means ‘noble’ or ‘young warrior.’

Brody can also be spelled like Brodie and can be short for Broderick. Brodie is the name of a castle in Scotland. Brody means ‘second son,’ and in Gaelic, the meaning is ‘muddy place’ or ‘ditch.’


Latin origin meaning ‘leader.’ Duke is also a title given in royal families to males next in line to kings and princes.