Many people spend money on things they can live without. Upselling, targeted ads, and other marketing strategies are built to make us believe that the things and services we purchase are a necessity.

Things that Are a Total Waste of Money

Many people buy impulsively without research, ensuring they get the best deals or understanding if they are worth the cost. Here is a list of things people say are a complete waste of money.

No item is too high or too low for businesses to try to grab a few extra dollars on extended warranties.  “Target offered me a warranty on the $1 hot wheels car I bought the other day.”

Extended Warranties on Low Cost Items

Some people complained that some features they like about their phones disappear with the new models. Others say new models have only slight changes that aren’t worth the cost of upgrading. “Nowadays is crazy, spending 1200+ to get almost the exact same phone. I’ve had my iPhone for over two years now and nothing has changed with the new models.”

Buying a New Phone Every Year

The cost of a pack of ciagarettes and vaping can add up fast. It’s not only a drain on your health but your wallet as well. “I am so happy i managed to stop. Breathing so much easier, no coughs anymore, not smelling like an ashtray and you basically get paid for it (by saving money)? Best deal ever!”

Smoking and Vaping

Apparently people who can’t get their kitties to stop scratching furniture or go in the litter box head to obedience school. But many readers say, although it requires more patience, cats can be trained so don't waste your money.

Obedience School for Cats

“I have a friend in the industry who fully says anything with a big logo is targeting people who are willing to pay $100 for a t-shirt and it just funds the manufacturing of their actual high quality goods. People wear the name, ain’t nothing more to it than that.”

High End Fashion

 “Could never understand it, and it’s also a massive joke to expect your guests to fork out a ton on gifts, an outfit and if you’re part of the wedding party there are a ton of other expenses.”

Expensive Weddings