10 Vacation Hotspots that Totally Live Up to the Hype

Traveling is a privilege and a dream for many. With so many beautiful places to visit, how do you narrow down the best destinations? Traveling is also a huge commitment of time and money so it would be disappointing to go somewhere far that doesn’t live up to expectations.

The following are the best vacation hotspots that are as great as people say according to Reddit.

"We stayed at the Intercontinental Thalasso. I was very pleased with the bungalow we had. It had a view of Mt. Otemanu, was very clean, and the bed was super comfy. The food at the mid-tier restaurant was the best.

Bora Bora

“My wife and I went on our honeymoon there a few years ago, and absolutely beautiful place with wonderfully nice people. Food wasn’t too bad either. Also I might add, the most beautiful blue and warm water we’ve ever been in.”


Costa Rica

“Relatively easy to get to from the USA and Canada, reasonable prices, ridiculously clean beaches and friendly people.”

“Absolutely incredible place and incredible people. Can’t say enough about how great it is.”


“There’s too much to do, see, eat, and drink at any given hour of the night. Hell, on the right night, you can just wander the alleyways and cool stuff will just find you. I miss it everyday.”


“Hong Kong is my favorite city. I went to a really great beach there, but obviously it wasn’t super stunning or anything picturesque. It was just nice because it was clean, a little secluded, and there really weren’t many people there.”

Hong Kong


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