Unfunny Comedians According to the Internet

Comedians are brave people who come into the spotlight with the sole purpose of making us laugh. Not every joke can be a hit, but they will lose their following if they repeatedly fail to entertain.


Comedians are no different than actors when it comes to slip-ups and controversy. It’s not always their jokes that make them unfunny. According to a popular online forum, here are the top-voted answers to the most unfunny comedians.

Amy Schumer is known for pushing boundaries with her comedy. Unfortunately, she’s also become known for stealing jokes and the repetitive style she uses in her acts. Some people love her self-deprecating humor initially and then think it gets old fast.

Amy Schumer

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her quirky personality and the endearing host of her former daytime television show. At least until cancel culture took over and exposed her as a “not as nice as you think.” Some people find her comedy relatable. Others believe she can be harsh and laser-focused on humiliating people if she pleases:

Ellen DeGeneres

James Corden initially popped onto the late show scene, presenting himself as a likable, jolly good fellow. But then his dark side was revealed, and he was no longer the loveable Brit everyone thought he was.

James Corden

Despite not being big fans of Kevin Hart’s comedy routines, many readers agreed that it’s more his delivery that attracts people. His material often lacks substance and is repetitive, but somehow he gets laughs by screaming and laughing through a story.

Kevin Hart

Jimmy Kimmel

He’s been described by many readers as boring and unfunny. Online forums like reddit are full of posts slamming Kimmel and his comedy. Yet he’s been asked to host the Oscar Awards three times. Many say he’s lost his charm since he’s gravitated more toward political comedy.