10 Things Some Women Do that Men Don't Like

Some women may not realize that the very things they try to do to attract men may be turning them off.

“It’s especially true regarding trends that women everywhere pick up, often looking the same instead of standing out. Here are a few things that men say are an immediate turn-off."

“The relatively recent lip injection trend is just bad. People with very thin lips doing it sparingly don’t look bad, but the majority of girls doing them either a) already have fuller lips naturally or b)overdo them, so it just looks bad.”

Fake Anything

Whether it's the Kardashians or any other influencer, women who focus on trying to look like somebody specific can turn a man off.

Trying to Look Like an Influencer

"Women seem to do this thing where they act like not noticing me is hot I guess.”

Acting Like the Guy is Invisible

“Went to dinner with a few friends, one of them I always thought was kind of cute but omg when I saw the way she talked to the waiter I lost all interest in her.”

Acting Rude and Entitled

Taking Endless Selfies

“That nonstop need for an online dopamine hit and constant need for being liked is one of the worst qualities in a person imo (in my opinion).”