10 Things Women Say They Will Never Understand About Men

It’s usually men complaining about how complicated and difficult to understand women can be. It appears women also have some head scratchers when it comes to men.

Here is a list of a few things women say they will never understand about men.

“My husband had t-shirts with holes in the neck area because he only pulls there when he takes them off. I didn’t realize it was common.” To each their own, but maybe ladies can show their men that their collars are hole-free and un-stretched for a reason.

Why Do They Take Shirts Off  by Pulling Up on the Collar?

Consider yourself lucky to have a packed fridge. But why can women always locate a food item, big or small, whereas men stare blankly with the door wide open? One man offered the following response: "Because my wife puts those things in random places."

Why Can’t They Find Items in the Fridge?

One woman said, “My mind is constantly crowded with thoughts / inner monologue.” She doesn’t understand how men can just be silent without all that. But this may be a misconception as some men spill the beans on what’s really happening in that head of theirs.

How Can They Think About Nothing?

Men say besides getting immunizations, they will only see a doctor if they sustain a major injury. Another male reader offered the following explanation: “It’s expensive, and we’re taught to suck it up our entire life by everyone. Both directly and indirectly. We go when we think we’ll die if we don’t.”

Why is it So Difficult to Go to the Doctor?

The Love Affair They Have with Food

An old saying continues to ring true “The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” If you make him a sandwich, you may have opened the door to a fulfilling relationship or an expectation that you will always be there to cook for him.

Men are known to be able to walk into a store, like something within five minutes and walk back out. One male responded that he needed new swim trunks and was in and out of the store within 10 minutes. “That’s how real men shop,” he joked.

How They Can Keep it Simple