Parenting is not one size fits all for children. However, there are certain parenting trends people say are doing children a disservice.

10 Parenting Trends Some People Dislike

The following are parenting styles that people have experienced or witnessed and believe are damaging to children.

“I think about how I would feel if I were having a meltdown and someone shoved a camera in my face… Like someone help me out here? You know.”

Taking a Video of a Child During a Meltdown

“My sister-in-law preoccupies her kid, and has since birth with a tablet. He is now 12 and has no friends and zero interpersonal skills. He takes his iPad to dinner, to grandmas, to church and never talks to anyone. Its very sad to see.”

Using Technology to Babysit

"My wife and I are basically neighborhood pariahs because we allow our children to ride their bikes around our quiet, low crime suburban town."

Not Giving Kids Some Independence

“I absolutely hate how family members will spill private secrets and constantly complain and make jokes about you on the telephone or when families gather.”

Sharing Personal Things About Your Child

 Parents who punish their kids every time for breaking a small rule may seem like they are over doing it.

Being Too Strict