Chores function as building blocks for a young person’s development. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has established a set of milestone criteria parents can use to gauge their child's development.

Kids age 3 to 4 can start putting things back in their place. Where it's on a shelf or back into the container it came from, kids can learn to sort and organize at this age. 

Children age 6 to 8 can fold and put away laundry. The folding part may be challenging at first, but they can lay clothes flat first and then fold them in half. 

Children age 8 to 10 can help prepare and cook dinner. They can help with washing and peeling fruits and veggies to start.

Children ages 5 to 7 can help pull weeds in the garden and water plants. This also instills an early appreciation and responsibility towards nature.

Children ages 8 to 10 can help groom and walk the pets. Kids can also help feed their pets, and put away pet toys.

Visit the website to see other chores that kids can start working on in the appropriate age group and how it can help with a child's development.