The Most Outrageous Things Celebrities Have Done to Exes

Celebrities go through similar experiences as regular people, except they have to do it under the spotlight. This includes bad breakups. Some celebrities handle them gracefully and move on to the next. Others want revenge so they can feel some closure.

Whether considered petty, crazy, or clever, these celebrities ensured their exes felt their wrath after their breakups.

The only billboard for Lana Del Rey’s new album is in her ex, Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin’s hometown. She confirmed this on her Instagram page, where she wrote about the billboard, saying, “There’s only one, and it’s in Tulsa.” She later added in the comments, “It’s. Personal.”

Lana Del Ray

Mariah Carey announced her engagement to James Packer, an Australian billionaire businessman and investor, in January 2016. They broke up in October 2016 and in November Carey sued Packer for $50 million for an ‘inconvenience fee’ for relocating her and her kids across the country for Packer.

Mariah Carey

Cyrus released her hit single ‘Flowers’ on her ex Liam Hemsworth’s birthday at midnight Australian time, so there was no question who the song was about. She references a burning house like theirs burned down as a married couple in Malibu.

Miley Cyrus

Shakira put a witch-like mannequin on the balcony of her Barcelona, Spain home that she used to share with her ex Gerard Piqué. The home also happens to face her ex-mother-in-law’s house, which is rumored to be the reason why the witch was placed there.


Garcelle Beauvais

Beauvais confessed on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that she exposed her ex-husband Mike Nilon’s affair in an email to all his coworkers. The email’s subject was “What [do] Tiger Woods, Jesse James, and Mike Nilon have in common?” The email was eventually leaked online, and the affair was publicly exposed.