5 Trending Ways to Destress According to Pinterest Predicts

‘Pinterest Predicts’ is an annual report of all the things that Pinterest believes will  be on trend in the next year based on search results. From activities to home décor, beauty and clothing, Pinterest covers several different areas that are gaining popularity and can help people form new interests. Some things in the report are great ways to destress. The following are some activities and that can help moms expand their interests and help them relax.

Knockout Workouts

woman hitting punching bag while working out
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Combat sports such as karate, kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu are on the rise for different age groups. Many people feel more relaxed, stronger and more empowered after a good workout. Although they can be intense, the strength and confidence you can gain from working out with combat sports consistently is well worth it. There is also a growing interest in the fitness and self-defense combination. The visibility of combat sports in mainstream media, including movies, television, and high-profile competitions, has also contributed to their allure. 


woman playing badminton
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Search terms on Pinterest for the game of badminton range from ‘badminton outfit’ to ‘playing badminton aesthetic.’ Love for the game is spiking and is predicted to be a hit in the new year. Badminton is gaining popularity for several reasons. First, it’s a sport that offers a perfect blend of athleticism, strategy, and skill, making it appealing to a broad audience. The simplicity of the game, with just a birdie (or shuttlecock) and rackets contributes to its accessibility, allowing people of various ages and fitness levels to engage. It’s also a great cardiovascular workout. 

Take a Slowcation

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PInterest predicts people will plan trips that actually help them relax and take it easy. They will enjoy the extra sleep and lounging around rather than heading to busy and touristy areas with a jam-packed itinerary. 


Go Off-roading

woman driving an atv
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Off-roading is experiencing a surge in popularity. Off-roading provides an escape from conventional road travel, offering a rugged and unpredictable experience that resonates with those seeking excitement.

Additionally, the growing popularity of outdoor and recreational activities has contributed to the rise of off-roading. People are increasingly drawn to nature-based adventures, and off-roading provides a unique way to explore remote and scenic landscapes. 



woman with a drill, smiling and using it on furniture
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Upcycling has gained popularity as a sustainable and creative approach to repurposing discarded items, reducing waste, and minimizing environmental impact. In a world increasingly conscious of the consequences of mass production and excessive consumerism, upcycling provides an eco-friendly alternative. Upcycling also allows people to express their creativity and uniqueness by transforming everyday items into something new and personalized. Many people love having a creative outlet and upcycling provides this as a way to help reduce stress while enjoying their hobby. 

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