13 Things People Think are a Complete Waste of Money

Many people spend money on things they can live without. Upselling, targeted ads, and other marketing strategies are built to make us believe that the things and services we purchase are a necessity. Many people buy impulsively without research, ensuring they get the best deals or understanding if they are worth the cost. Here is a list of things people say are a complete waste of money.

1. Extended Warranties on Low Cost Items

No item is too high or too low for businesses to try to grab a few extra dollars on extended warranties. One reader advised not to drop money on a warranty if the product already has a good manufacturer’s warranty.

“No, home depot, I don’t want your 2 year warranty on a Milwaukee drill with a 5 year warranty out of the box.”

Another reader joked that there are so many conditions involved that you probably wouldn’t get a replacement item easily anyway.

“But think about it! During the first 2 years you can return it to the store for an in-store swap*!

* No water damage must have occurred. Tool must show no sign of abuse. No commercial usage allowed. Normal wear is excluded. Must not have been dropped. Tool must be exempt of paint, grease or any kind of stains or dust. Subject to store availability. Replacement will be for the exact same model. Must have all of the accessory and original packaging.

Some readers joked about the small items they were offered an extended warranty on.

” got offered an extended warranty on a $10 tire gauge a few days ago.”

“Target offered me a warranty on the $1 hot wheels car I bought the other day.”

2. Internet Service Providers that Don’t Offer Unlimited Data Plans

The cost of the plan may not be unreasonable, but its often the overage charges that cause final bills to be bigger than expected. 

“Airtime is a tax on the poor. I live in South Africa where the price per megabyte increases exponentially at you buy smaller quantities.”

“I live in Canada where it’s exactly the same and God help you if you go over. ”

3. Buying a New Phone Every Year

Some people complained that some features they like about their phones disappear with the new models. Others say new models have only slight changes that aren’t worth the cost of upgrading. 

“Nowadays is crazy, spending 1200+ to get almost the exact same phone. I’ve had my iPhone for over two years now and nothing has changed with the new models.”

It’s just a flex to upgrade from year to year, most people don’t even use the features they’re buying the phone for or know they exist cause they don’t mess with it aside from standard use and point and click picture taking. Apple has known this and that’s why they have cases which proudly display the big apple logo in the back.”

4. Funk Pops

Some people call them this generations’s Beanie Babies. They are toys that have giant heads, big eyes and are replicas of popular characters and famous people. 

“If the thing you collect is sold and packaged to be collected, the collection is worthless and they just collected your money.”

“I loathe Funk pops, they are ugly. They are like the Hummel figurines for millennials with no taste”

One reader advised that “Products that are artificially rare are a scam.”

So if you are a Funk Pop collector, unless they are kept in a box in perfect condition, they won’t be of any value. 

5. Smoking and Vaping

The cost of a pack of ciagarettes and vaping can add up fast. It’s not only a drain on your health but your wallet as well. 

“I am so happy i managed to stop. Breathing so much easier, no coughs anymore, not smelling like an ashtray and you basically get paid for it (by saving money)? Best deal ever!”

“I’m glad I quit 5 years ago, right after my dad died from cancer. I was paying around $7USD/pack and I hear now it’s about $10! What a waste.”

“In Australia you’re looking at $50 a packet. It’s insane how people can afford it.”

6. Obedience School for Cats

Apparently people who can’t get their kitties to stop scratching furniture or go in the litter box head to obedience school. But many readers say, although it requires more patience, cats can be trained. 

“cats are highly trainable, just takes a little more patience as they can get a bit aloof when you’re trying to train them”

“Unless your cat has genuine behavior issues which impact yours and it’s quality of life you don’t need any sort of professional “training” for a cat.”

7. High End Fashion

Many people still splurge on big fashion brands instead of looking for good quality items with lesser known brands. 

“There is a cut off point where extra money spent is just purely for the name and there is no improvement in quality or appearance of clothing, like Gucci etc, the stuff always looks tacky.”

“I have a friend in the industry who fully says anything with a big logo is targeting people who are willing to pay $100 for a t-shirt and it just funds the manufacturing of their actual high quality goods. People wear the name, ain’t nothing more to it than that.”

8. Expensive Weddings

Weddings can easily cross over six figures in expenses for people looking to get the best of everything for an extravagant event. But readers say you can still make your ceremony memorable without going into debt. 

“Could never understand it, and it’s also a massive joke to expect your guests to fork out a ton on gifts, an outfit and if you’re part of the wedding party there are a ton of other expenses.”

“I’m in a wedding and it’s costing me around $1250 total including gift, bachelor party, tux rental, etc. Luckily it’s like 6 blocks from my apartment so no hotel/travel fee. This is peak insanity.”

“My husband and I eloped. I think we spent around $2500 for 2 weeks in Jamaica for everything. Also, I know of a couple that married around the same time we did and paid for a HUGE wedding, they ended up divorced within a year and had to add the remainder of the wedding bills in their divorce settlement.”

“Weddings are a huge waste of money. No one really cares about someone else’s wedding and it’s far smarter to have the smallest ceremony and spend the $10K on a month long honeymoon instead to create real memories.”

9. Food Delivery Through Apps

“Food delivery through apps such as UberEats, Foodora, Doordash, etc. Inflated menu prices to cover the cost of the platform cut and then the platform’s service fees?”

“Not only that, but you’re expected to subsidize these peoples incomes with a tip prior to service. Thats not how tipping is supposed to work. If you need a tip before you’ll even make a delivery, then you’re obviously not being paid enough. The entire model is flawed. I refuse to use those types of services.”

“We used Doordash pretty hard over the summer and then I went through and looked at how much we spent in two months. We still use it but only as a “last resort” when cooking is out of the question and we just refuse to leave the house. It is such a money pit.”

10. Buying lottery tickets

“I did the math, my grandma has spent almost 10k in her life on lottery. Complete waste.”

“Lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math and low on hope. People offering lottery tickets should be ashamed.”

11. Expensive Clothes for Kids

Many readers think its silly to invest in expensive clothing for children who grow out of them so quickly. 

“I’ve never said anything to the parents around me who do this. Their money their choice, but wth!! $100 Nike for a baby who can’t even walk? Or some fancy brand jumper I’ve seen on the kid once? Yea no sorry. I’ll but the $3 t-shirts and $15 jumps for my kid who grows out of them quicker than I can wash them.”

12. Starbucks

A few dollars here and there doesn’t seem like much. But paying a few dollars for just one cup of coffee really adds up. 

“Buying a Starbucks coffee once per day costs you about $1600 every year. Making Folgers at home costs you your virginity.”

“Just want to say I did the math, there is about 260 work days a year according to my google machine. Assuming I never go on vacation or call in sick, I would spend $1690 on my Starbucks habit per year. That’s for 2 venti a day, which is what I get. I don’t drink coffee on the weekends.”

13. Eyelash Extensions

“Where I am in the Midwest, it is $300+ for the base set and then $70 every two weeks for fill-ins. I guess if it makes someone feel pretty and they feel that it adds value to their daily life, then I am happy for them but I don’t really understand the value myself. They look obviously fake.”

“Yes this! It’s so expensive. If I go out and want to look extra fabulous I’ll put on some fake eyelashes for the night. It’s so expensive to maintain them.”

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