She’s 34 Weeks Pregnant and Parked in a Spot for Veterans and Expecting Mothers. A Veteran Yelled at Her For Taking the Spot. Should He Get Priority?

She is a 19-year-old pregnant woman and says her pregnancy has been rough. As a result, she avoids going out much lately but couldn’t avoid a trip to the grocery store because her husband couldn’t go. She says where she lives in the southern U.S., some places have a particular parking spot for veterans and pregnant people, and they are often in the same spot. The grocery store she visited had this same parking spot, so she used it. 

As she was getting out, a man pulled up behind her and started yelling at her that it was illegal for her to park there because the spot was for veterans. She told him the parking spot was for veterans and pregnant women, and she was expecting. However, he was adamant that he earned the right to park there by fighting for their country. She told him she was grateful for his service and apologized that he felt that way. She suggested if he needed a spot for disability reasons, then there were plenty of spots open. But she noticed he was young and had no visible disability. He cursed at her and drove away. 

She went home later and told her husband about the interaction. He said although the spot was for veterans and pregnant women, the veteran deserved it more, and she should have backed off. Her brother and father agreed with her husband, but her sister told her she was right and not to worry about it. 

She is reaching out to the online community to ask if she was wrong to park in the spot designated for pregnant women and veterans.

Many readers who were veterans or were related to one were outraged at the man’s behavior.

“Every veteran I know would be embarrassed to park in that spot in the first place, let alone verbally assault a pregnant woman. I’m wondering if the person who did that to OP (the original poster) is even a real veteran at all.”

“Hi, woman Veteran and mother of two, here. I have absolutely NEVER used the space as a veteran. I’m ‘too young,’ fit, and able to use it without being questioned on my entitlement. The exact same entitlement that this ‘veteran’ used to shame OP. I repeatedly used it while pregnant and with my toddlers. I can confirm that pregnancy in the third trimester was just as physically grueling (for me) as the PT with full tactical gear. And I like to think I’m pretty fit; I run daily. NTA- Use the spot OP.”

Many readers focused more on her husband, father, and brother, who were all unsupportive and said she shouldn’t have parked in the spot. 

“I’d be having a long talk with my husband if he shamed me for using a spot designated for me while pregnant. I would describe every symptom I’ve experienced thus far in great detail. I’d look into one of those devices you can attach to their stomachs to simulate birthing pain so he can get a glimpse of what is to come. It would make his life Hell. Like, you notice how it’s only the men shaming you, right? Men who have never had to face the trials of pregnancy? Gross.”

“I agree! It’s misogyny at its most obvious. They think that being a soldier is more impressive than carrying a child for 9 months and giving birth.”

“The men in her life suck! My husband and father would have been outraged on my behalf.”

“Yeah, it’s awful that OP’s own husband and male family members are so dismissive and won’t support her in a situation where she is clearly in the right. The brother and father both need to get their stuff together, but the husband especially owes OP an apology and needs to step up to the plate because he’s going to be a father soon.”

“The husband said HE DESERVED IT MORE?! How? Why? I would have lost it at that. If the guy was disabled, he should’ve had the placard things to use disabled spots. Otherwise, his veteran status doesn’t mean he should get priority parking, especially not over pregnant people.”

What do you think? Did the veteran deserve the spot more than the pregnant woman? Are her husband, father, and brother being misogynists by being unsupportive?

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