100 + Truth or Dare Questions For Kids For a Fun Game

Truth or dare questions for kids is a great way to spend some quality time together. Not only will you laugh a lot, you can also ask questions that will lead to learning more about each other. The truth or dare game is traditionally an adult game. But with a clean and innocent version, you can easily make up appropriate truth or dare questions for family fun. 

The following list is full of fun dares and simple truth questions for kids. Truth or dare isn’t meant to embarrass anyone or uncover any deep dark secrets, but expect to act silly! Nobody will be asked to complete a dare that is humiliating or disgusting like eating a combination of foods that nobody can stomach! So no eating spoonfuls of dirt or answering embarrassing truth questions!

These dares to do at home may be simple but they can still be fun. Give this truth or dare game a whirl when you have some free time or a family game night and need an activity for the kids! Just think of some fun truth questions and some ridiculous dare questions and get started!

Silly Truth or Dare Questions For Kids

1. T: If you have three wishes, what would they be?

2. D: Sing a few verses of your favorite song.



3. T: What would you do with a million dollars?

4. D: Balance a spoon on your face for one minute.



5.T: What’s your favorite movie?

6. D:Spin around three times.



7. T: What’s your favorite tv show?

8. D: Go outside and run around the backyard ten times.



9. T: Who is your best friend?

10. D: Hug another player.



11. T: What’s your least favorite food?

12. D: Balance on one foot for five minutes.



13. T: Have you ever received a nice note?

14. D: Build a tower using toilet paper rolls.



15. T: Have you ever eaten something you wanted to spit out?

16. D: Talk about your day but every sentence can only be three words. 



17. T: What’s your least favorite game or activity?

18. D: Do twenty jumping jacks.



19. T: Who is your favourite cartoon character?

20. D: Let another player put ice cubes down your shirt.



21. T: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

22. D: Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with your mouth full of gummies or marshmallows.



23. T: What’s something that scares you?

24. D: Hop across the room back and forth on one foot.



25. T: What’s something embarrassing but funny that happened to you?

26. D: Tell us what you did today in a scary voice.



27. T: What’s one of your favorite party games?

28. D: Give someone a piggyback ride.



29. T: What’s a chore you wish a robot could do for you?

30. D: Have a starting match with the person beside you. 



31. T: What can’t you wait to do when you grow up?

32. D: Complete twenty burpees while naming people in your class.



33. T: What was your favorite birthday so far?

34. D: Pick a partner to wheelbarrow across the room.



35. T: What wild animal would you like to see close up?

36. D: Pick a tongue twister to say three times fast.



37. T: If you could change your name, what would it be?

38. D: Do a popular dance for 30 seconds like the floss, the Carlton, running man etc.



39. T: What’s your favorite chocolate bar?

40. D: Do the downward dog yoga post for one minute.



41. T: If you could design your own birthday cake, what would it be?

42. D: Apply makeup without a mirror.



43. T: If you could watch anything on YouTube, which video would you watch?

44. D: Pick somebody and draw a portrait of them as fast as you can.



45. T: If you could fly anywhere in the world, where would you go?

46. D: Put on one of your parent’s shoes and run across the floor.



47. T: What talent do you wish you had?

48. D: Stand on a chair and act like a chicken.



49. T: If you could play one musical instrument, what would it be?

50. D: Put on every coat in the closet.



51. T: What do you want to be when you grow up?

52. D: Balance a book on your head and walk across the room without dropping it.



53. T: If you could order one thing from Amazon, what would it be?

54. D: Say every ice cream flavor you know while hopping on one foot.



55. T: What’s your favorite sea creature?

56. D: Waddle like a penguin across the room.



57. T: If you could play a sport like one athlete, who would it be?

58. D: Order a pretend meal in a pirate’s voice.



59. T: What’s your favorite store to shop at?

60. D: If you could binge watch one show, what would it be?



61. T: If you could do one thing to make this world a better place, what would it be?

62. D: Tie your shoelaces with your eyes closed while singing the national anthem.



63. T: If you could paint your room a different color, what would it be?

64. D: Act like a monkey while singing Row, Row, Row, Your Boat.



65: T: What’s your favorite book?

66. D: Act out your favorite character in a movie.



67. T If you could skip a day of school, what would you want to do?

68. D: Frog jump across the room while saying the alphabet backwards.



69. T: What’s your favorite dessert?

70. D: Organize and clean up as much clutter as you can around you in 3 minutes



71. T: What’s your favorite childhood memory?

72. D: Let someone throw candy or popcorn in the air and you try to catch it in your mouth. 



73. T: If you could be on one reality tv show, what would it be?

74. D: Dance like a ballerina.



75. T: If you were trapped on an island, what three things would you want to have with you?

76. D: Tell us about your day in a baby’s voice.



77. T What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

78. D: Make up a rhyme about your favorite things and sing it like a rap song.



79. T: What toppings do you like on your pizza?

80. D: Lip sync and dance to a song another player picks



81. T: What’s your favorite time of the year?

82. D: Tell a joke.



83. T: What do you like to do in your spare time?

84. D: Impersonate someone you know.



85. T: What’s your favorite outfit you wear?

86. D: Act like a wild animal.



87. T: What’s something funny you remember?

88. D: Do a magic trick.



89. T: If you could receive an expensive gift, what would it be?

90. D: Sing a nursery rhyme. 



91. T: What food do you want to learn how to make?

92. D: Build a tower with different items given to you while blindfolded.



93. T: Who is your favorite celebrity? 

94. D: Juggle with any items you have.



95. T: Who is your favorite teacher (past or present) and why?

96. D: Let someone do your hair.



97. T: What is something you would like to get better at doing?

98. D: Go outside in your pajamas and hug a tree.



99. T: If you could have any animal as a pet what would it be?

100. D: Talk about your daily routine in a cowboy’s voice. 

101. T: What would you truth or dare mom if it was your turn to ask?

102 D: Open a window and yell Merry Christmas loudly three times. 

How to Play Truth or Dare

You can start the game anyway you choose. You can go in a circle clockwise or do the classic spin the bottle and whoever it points to when it stops gets a turn.

1. Each player chooses either to tell a truth or pick a dare.

2. If a player chooses truth they have to answer a question.

3. If a player chooses dare, they have to perform an action.

Players can custom the rules however they prefer. You can also allow a player who doesn’t want to answer a question or do a dare to skip their turn.

Fun Truth or Dare Questions

Truth or dare for kids is a fun and silly game to play with family, friends or siblings or just play truth or dare with mom! Truth or dare questions are also a great way to break the ice and get kids interacting with each other. So the next time you’re looking for a fun and age-appropriate party game, try out some of these truth or dare questions for kids. It’s a great way to have some laughs, get to know each other better, and pass the time and entertain each other without technology.

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