Kids Shouldn’t Be Taught These Things in School

When someone on a forum asked “What shouldn’t be taught in schools?” people had plenty to say. The following is a list of things people thought it was time to stop teaching children either because it had no redeeming value, would serve them no purpose in life or was just plain wrong in this day and age. 


Everyone Should Go to College

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“Not everyone is meant to go to college. Sorry, they’re just not. Unless you come from a wealthy family, you’re going to go into massive debt to find that out. I really wish schools would stop indoctrinating kids into believing they need to go to college after high school. Schools teach you that if you don’t go to college and wind up in a 3-piece suit and carry an attache case to work, you’ve squandered your existence.”

“I really wish they would teach trades as a viable option. Many people can make a great living working a trade. You get benefits, great pay, vacation time, etc. Unfortunately, manual labor is looked down upon in certain circles here in the US.”

“100% agree! I have a graduate degree and massive student loan debt. Two of my brothers went to trade schools, as did our dad, and they make so much more money than I ever have! Not to mention that they can pack up at the drop of a hat and make a living anywhere. I’m limited pretty firmly to the geographical region I live in/grew up in and I desperately want to travel, live abroad, etc.”

I was taught “you either go to college or you go to prison” Actual, word for word quote.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education

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“It was a movement founded in the 80’s which most schools in America adopted because 1. There were some faulty statistics that claimed it reduced the chances that kids would do drugs 2. Schools were able to use it as a fundraiser, and parents were so scared of drugs in the 80s/90s that they would be more willing to donate money to D.A.R.E. than to the arts, or sports, or just new school books. Basically the school would have a uniformed officer come to your class once a week to talk to you about the dangers of drug use. It was supposed to scare kids straight, but it actually ended up making drugs more interesting to kids, and we all became experts on what drugs had what effect on you before we were old enough to be interested in drugs.” The program died out in the mid 2000s because the no child left behind act had a clause about drug education needing to be based on methods that were actually proven to work. So the use of DARE to schools when from “it’s free fundraising” to “we’re going to lose funds if we don’t drop this.”

It’s a program that teaches children all the fun ways to get high but insists that you just say no if offered anything.

Standardized Testing is Necessary 

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“I always hated most testing because in the real world, I’ve never not had references to look at during work. Tests don’t really test much of anything other than you’re ability to remember stuff.”

“In a real word environment you’ll almost always be able to reference something, it’s more about being able to put together your referenced knowledge into something greater. Testing like you said only focuses on pure memorization and chances are you’ll forget a good chunk of your knowledge because soon you’ll be deleting those memories to make room for the next test.”

“Tell that to the publishing companies (ie Pearson) that make millions off of those tests.”

Student’s Grades Represent their Intelligence

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“Your grades don’t define you as a person.”

What To Think Instead of How To Think

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“Schools are meant to be a place to learn skills to prep for adulthood, not indoctrination courses.” – my awesome high school teacher.” 

Abstinence Only

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“Today in health class we’re covering choking. We’re not going to teach the Heimlich because that would encourage choking. Just don’t choke, it’s the only 100% effective method.”

“Interestingly, kids who get comprehensive sex education are more likely to wait to have sex for the first time than kids who get taught abstinence only.”

Biased Politics and Personal Opinions 

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I was in the 7th grade during the Bush/Kerry election. We had a mock election ourselves and an assembly/rally to announce who won the mock election. During which, a teacher ran around with a giant cardboard cutout picture of John Kerry’s face and the entire student body booed. Another teacher did the same with George Bush and the entire student body cheered. Even back then, I was like, “this is brainwashing.”

“If a student knows your political party preference, they failed as a teacher.”

Only Teaching History from the American Perspective

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“Colonialist lies about Native people.”

“Pilgrims and Indians had a lovely dinner and got on like family. I believed that nonsense for far too long.”

“Bruh that’s because you watched Charlie Brown and y’all had your plays…if you really payed attention or at least in the Texas education system they go over a LOT of Native American material…so many atrocities just within that time…I honestly have no idea how other states set up their history class but when I see other people get mad about how history was taught to to them, I get confused because it’s like we learned two different histories?”

Internet Bad, Books Good

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“What gets me about this one is one of my nephews was talking about how in college one of his writing teachers got really upset about them reading Ebooks on iPad, kindle, etc. Why should they care if it’s electronic or paper?? It just means the kids have one less thing they have to carry around! I love physical books, but I still read Ebooks because of the convenience.”

Being Yelled at By a Teacher is Appropriate

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“I hate how they considered it as a good thing. Getting yelled at over one little thing is what made me upset as a child.”

“I absolutely hate that. I don’t understand why elementary school teachers are even teachers most of the time. They are such crucial people in a child’s development but I see children let down by them too many times.”

The Pledge of Allegiance to a Flag

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“I love America and am a proud patriot but there’s something really creepy about the pledge of allegiance.”

“You mean the thing where it’s pushed on 5-year-olds, who are expected to recite words like “allegiance,” “indivisible,” and “republic” without actually being taught what any of those words mean?”


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“Understanding different cultures and beliefs, yes. Unfiltered, unmitigated, biased religion, hard no.”

“More specifically, teaching kids that if they don’t believe in a certain God, they’ll be damned for eternity. As a kid, I was taught this and I genuinely believed people from outside my religion wouldn’t be allowed into heaven and I made some poor choices based on that belief. It’s messed up. PLEASE for the love of God stop indoctrinating a fear of hell into your kids.”


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“People say that history repeats itself or that we need to know it as to not let it happen again. But guess what, no matter how many times you stuff in my face that war has bad effects or that racism is bad, people are still stupid and will war and be racist. But not because they weren’t forced to read a history book in school, it’s cause people can have opinions and sometimes have the power to act on their opinions, whether it’s a poor opinion or not.”

“The whitewashed version of history that is currently taught.”

“I feel like 1 out of 1000 people in schools actually care about this subject. There is no reason to teach us about history. Sure, we need to know about WW2 and stuff, but I live in Canada. Here from grade 3 to grade 9 we learned about the EXACT SAME THING WITH NO NEW INFO FOR 6 YEARS OF MY LIFE. I feel like it’s a waste of my valuable time and a waste of a letter grade that could decide whether or not I get into a good university.”

Pronouns and Gender Identity

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“In my opinion it causes confusion. My daughter had her head filled with it all and suddenly she’s coming home from school one day and she’s bi, another friend is suddenly transgender and then the next week she’s a lesbian. I’m all for people being whatever sexuality they are, this isn’t me ragging on the LGBTQ+ community but all they do it get their young impressionable heads filled with stuff and then feel they have to act on it.”

“It isn’t about exploring their identity. The problem is that schools make them hyper aware of it and then they feel they have to fit into a box, rather than finding out organically by themselves. One kid says they’re bi, and suddenly there are 10 others putting themselves into boxes because they think they should also be doing that.”

“I don’t understand how that seems transphobic. I also don’t understand people thinking it’s okay to put kids on hormones that will change their life permanently. I have trans friends that also agree you should be of reasonable mind and age before you start taking hormone therapy.” 

That Students Can Use Whatever Bathroom They Want

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“I’m referring to Joe Biden’s plan backed by Schumer to allow kids choose the bathroom/locker room of their choice. Here is an actual quote. “The idea that an 8-year-old child or a 10-year-old child decides, you know, ‘I decided I want to be transgender. That’s what I think I’d like to be. It would make my life a lot easier.’ There should be zero discrimination,” Obviously, if they’re doing that for single digit age children it’ll move up the ranks in age as well.”

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