He Yelled at a Woman in a Park Parking Lot Because She Took His Spot He Was Going to Back in to. She Says She Didn’t Know and Refused to Move Because of His Outburst. Was He Wrong?

He and his wife drove around looking for a parking spot in a busy park parking lot for about an hour. He says he spotted a group of people getting into their car, so he decided to stop and wait for them to leave so he could park there. He waited there for about five minutes with his car blinker on. But when he was about to back into the spot, another car pulled in at the same time. The other car started honking and squeezed their way in. 

He was so angry he put his car in park, got out, and started yelling and cursing at the driver, saying, “Are you serious? I’ve been waiting for that spot.” The woman was offended and exited the car, asking how she was supposed to know. He replied that he pulled forward so the car could back out and had his blinker on right next to the spot. She said, “Well, you could’ve asked for it instead of cussing at me, so good luck finding a parking spot.”

He didn’t say anything and then left. He doesn’t regret confronting her but wonders if he could have handled the situation better. He is reaching out to the online community to ask if he was wrong.

The online community is mostly divided. The response that received the most votes said he shouldn’t have backed into the parking spot.

“If you are backing into a parking spot, you need to pull past the parking spot to back into it. She most likely thought you were not going to use the spot and pulled in. An honest mistake. It’s what I would have thought. Even having your blinker on would not have clued me in that you planned to back into the spot. So, yeah, if you hadn’t blown up at her and explained in a kind manner, you had a better chance.”

“Not to mention, it’s extremely rude to make everyone else sit there because you want to back into a spot (which is usually done poorly, too). I absolutely hate back-in parkers when it’s busy.”

“Unless you’re somehow physically incapable, either drive farther away and walk or if it’s some crowded city that has very limited parking, don’t drive and add to the problem. I get so annoyed at the lazy idiots who clog the parking lot waiting for a spot by the door, making it so I can’t get out of the lot. And then to back into a spot in a busy parking lot? “

“YTA, you passed the spot and lost it.”

However, many readers say that he was obviously waiting for that spot.

“Woman was a jerk for taking the spot when you had your blinker on. I say you acted pretty accordingly by cussing at her. Parking lots are the absolute worse when trying to finally find a spot, and of course, someone has to cut you off to grab it.”

“She does not seem to know parking etiquette, and at that point, you were stressed, and it got the better of you. No one was hurt, and you walked away without further confrontation. It was a moment that passed. It’s going to inform your future response to people when you feel stressed, and it might help you maintain perspective. Most of us would have yelled, either directly at the person or just in our car. After all, that is what happens when someone swoops in and takes the spot you clearly indicated you were waiting for. Let it go.”

“You were right. She was wrong, even if she didn’t do it intentionally. She should apologize and not act offended about it.”

“She’s either an idiot or willfully ignorant and should learn parking lot etiquette because people will absolutely get physical about it, especially if she acts like that about it.”

“I hate people like her, and frankly, when I accidentally stole a spot, I immediately rolled my window down, apologized, and left.”

What do you think? Should you reverse park or just pull in if you are waiting for a spot? If you pass the spot, is it fair game for others to take?

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