12 Jobs that Allow You to Make More Money and Work Less

The dream life for anyone is to work a job with low hours of output and a lot of money. Some people are living this dream already. While some jobs require a specific skill set or level of education, other don’t. But it’s clear that a person earning large sums of money for part-time work has a skill that is highly attractive to employers. Some employers are willing to pay a lot of money for a short-term engagement or fewer hours because of the high value that person is bringing. Below is a listicle of the jobs reported in an online forum where people commented that they earn six figures for working an average of 10-30 hours per week.


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As a freelancer, you can make up to $100 per hour and get a six-figure salary for working 20 hours per week. Some freelancers with higher skill sets can earn more than $100 per hour. The only difficulty you will face is looking for clients. If you work well, clients can work with you on a long-term contract and it comes with additional tips and bonuses depending on the connection you have with the clients.


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Sales jobs in several different industries can be lucrative depending on your skills, especially your ability to communicate effectively and connect with people well. One reader said the following about working in software. “SaaS (Software as a Service) sales. Nowadays most roles are remote and a lot of guys get away with only working when they have a meeting to hop on.” Another reader spoke about medical sales, specifically in the lab industries. They felt they were successful because they “grinded the first two years to create a solid client base that generates commissions for as long as I hold onto the account.” Sales representatives in lab industries mostly work multiple gigs for small companies where they get paid purely off commission.

Chemical Broker

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A chemical broker is a sales position where they trade raw materials and substances for a wide range of production and industrial applications. For this job, a reader commented “once you make the connection between a supplier and the buyer, you make money on all subsequent orders. There is a certain percentage you get from the parties as a commission for the connection. Food and Pharma industries hardly switch suppliers so these deals may stick for years. So, you collect your commission on every transaction between the parties. If you can make numerous connections between other suppliers and buyers, it means you make very high six-figures per year. You only need to target big companies that will make large orders.”

Amazon/FBA Sellers

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You can make six figures as an Amazon/ FBA seller by simply designing something on your own or if you’re good with ads and SEO. It makes the process easier and your products ship from China to Amazon without leaving the comfort of your home. Just pick a niche a lot of people are interested in, and ship the product wholesale from your supplier to an Amazon fulfillment center. Amazon will take care of the packaging and delivery for you. Working five hours a week is enough to make $10,000 per month and if your niche is what people are interested in, you can make so much more in a month. According to a reader, “Only issue is that it’s Amazon you can get suspended , get attacked by other sellers to get shut down or a bigger guy run you out of business overnight.”

But others say it’s worth it “Ecommerce. Amazon FBA, etc. Probably worked 5 hours a week over the last year.”

Real Estate Agent

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One reader explains how real estate agent can be a lucrative career. “Real estate can be like this with some optimization or outsourcing. Basically this describes a lot of ‘retired’ realtors. They have a network of connections from their career, and those connections have more expensive homes since they are older. It doesn’t take many sales when you are getting a 2-3% commission on $500k+ homes, especially if your overhead is low. One house a month would get you there.”

Another reader shared their experience “(I am a)Realtor, NW (net worth) $3.5 million. Work 10-20 hours a week with a little team and make average $150k per year. Work out daily, reg at the 5/10 NLHE game at Foxwoods. It’s still work.”

Software Engineer

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A reader with experience in software engineering wrote the following comment “20 hours per week is enough to get a job done for any remote software development work. As a software engineer, you can easily earn $400 to $500k per year. According to a reader, “Shoot for some 3rd tier (or 4th) companies like eBay, Groupon, etc. They usually have a hard time finding a good developer. While their contract rate is often lower ($250to $300k), the work is often not very demanding.”


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This YouTuber says they make $3 million a year by only working 20 hours a week and only from ad sales. One reader was very interested in knowing more information “Interesting. Without giving away any information what kind of videos do you make?” Unfortunately there wasn’t a reply but if you have a talent or huge interested in any niche, creating YouTube videos is certainly worth exploring. 

Romance Novel Writer

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An experienced romance novelist shared her career and lifestyle with readers “I write romance novels and write 3000 words a day (which I can usually get done between 8-11am, take Sundays and often Saturdays off). I’m easily at six figures per year. It takes a while to get to that level though. The good news is long after I retire these books will still keep bringing money in.” The commenter said that she self publishes exclusively on Amazon.

Senior Financial Analyst

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As a senior financial analyst, you can make up to $110k per year by working 10 hours per week. Although there are some occasions when you work close to 30 hours per week other than those times, you have the rest of the week to pursue other ambitions. To become a Senior Financial Analyst, according to a reader, “I went the pretty standard path of majoring in accounting, then B4 assurance for a couple years to become a Senior financial Analyst.”

Lawyer with Biotech Startup and Patent Experience

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The consulting fee for this type of law is more than $100k per year + equity in startups and it requires about 30 hours per month. All you need to do is to position the company and provide connections. You have loads of time to work with other clients or run a business or something. According to a reader, “One friend called to thank me because a consulting gig (in addition to his employment) gave him a $300k+ win in equity when the company was acquired about six months later. He maybe put in 100 hours to position the company and provide connections. That’s a pretty good return for his effort!”

Travel Nurse

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This is an area a lot of people are going into nowadays and they are making six figures! However, as a new travel nurse without much experience, you need to work 36 hours per week but this reduces as you grow in the career.

Portfolio Manager for Wealthy Families

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Many of this Portfolio Manager’s clients are wealthy through business ownership. “One guy is an orthodontist who bought 27 other practices and transformed them into profitable practices. He then hooked up with a PE firm and sold 60% for 50M while he spends the next 5 years doing the same thing across the country. He will get another 100M at least at the end of those 5 years.”

When asked how the commenter was able to attract wealthy clients they responded “Work for a bank. Referrals from bank side of it, attorneys, accountants and other clients. A sales guy does all the work to bring clients in. I just manage their accounts and give estate planning advice once they are here and get revenue sharing for new deposits.”

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