15 Signs Your Relationship Won’t Last

Relationships tend to start on a good note. Both people feel happy and secure, and both want to take things to the next level to see where things go. Even though they may have good intentions, not every relationship is going to last. Some relationships will be learning experiences, or just an opportunity to learn more about yourself.

For those in a relationship who are currently questioning its lifespan and wondering if it has what it takes, here are 15 signs that your relationship may not last.

They Don’t Allow You Alone Time

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In a new relationship, it’s common for the couple to want to spend all their free time together. As the relationship grows and matures, however, each person needs to be given the freedom to have alone time. They need to still be able to do things they enjoy, decompress, see friends and family, and so forth by themselves. If alone time isn’t given, that person may start to feel suffocated and then resent their partner.

They Don’t Include You in Their Plans

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As important as alone time is, so is couple time. It’s all about balance. If one partner is constantly busy with their life, their friends, and their families and don’t invite their significant other, this is bound to cause a rift. The partner will feel left out and as though they aren’t a priority.

You Are the One Making All the Effort

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Relationships are meant to be 50/50 in that each partner feels like an equal contributor. This ensures that one partner doesn’t feel like they have to make all the effort. If one person is doing everything such as making all the plans, it can make them resentful that there’s no reciprocation.

You Don’t Share Similar Values and Goals in Life

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While it’s not necessary to have all the same values and goals in life as their partner, they should be closely aligned. It is about envisioning the same kind of future and working as a team to realize those successes. If both people are on totally different pages, it will be hard for either to feel content.

You Don’t Share Spiritual Beliefs and Values

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Again, it comes down to common values and goals in life. Having similar spiritual beliefs means the couple can connect on this deeper level. Should they discuss having children in life, having similar spiritual beliefs can also make raising kids smoother.

They Don’t Like Sharing Information About Their Life

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Asking personal questions is how people get to know each other in a relationship. It’s a normal thing, and it’s a great way to determine if the two people are compatible.  If one person is too guarded and unwilling to open up, it will seem like they are hiding things or that they don’t want to connect on a deeper level.

There Is Jealousy in the Relationship

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Jealousy can be toxic in a relationship. Although a partner may feel that the jealous feelings aren’t warranted, the fact that there is jealousy means there is insecurity and a problem with trust in the relationship.

There Is a Lack of Trust

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Many couples say that trust is the most important element of a relationship. Trust is what allows each partner the freedom to feel love and give love without fear. Sometimes trust is present when the relationship starts, only to be broken by lies, cheating, or other such issues. For many, once trust is broken, it is the end of the relationship. 

There Is a Lack of Respect

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A lack of respect means you aren’t treated the way you want. While a person may tolerate it temporarily, it will eventually feel like abuse. Disrespectful behavior should be considered a relationship deal breaker. 

They Check Out Other People in Front of You

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This particular red flag speaks to a lack of trust and respect. Both people should only have eyes for each other. Even if they appreciate how others may look, it’s never a good sign if they are checking out people in front of their partner.

They Make You Feel Insecure with the Relationship

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If one person is made to feel insecure, it negatively affects their thoughts, emotions, and actions. It can create doubt, paranoia, and more. No one wants to feel insecure and, without addressing the issues behind it, the relationship will end. 

One Person Foots All the Bills and Expenses

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Going back to the balanced relationship where everything is 50/50, if one person is footing the bill for all the dates, outings, and activities, it’s bound to leave a bad taste in their mouth.

You Don’t Enjoy Doing the Same Activities

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Speaking of going out and taking part in activities, both people need to enjoy doing similar things. They can still have individual interests and hobbies, but there also needs to be shared ones. If there are no shared interests, one person will always feel bored, neglected, or resentful.

You Don’t Connect on a Physical Level

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Indeed, looks aren’t everything and people should never pick a match based on physical appearance alone. But there still needs to be chemistry. A couple needs to feel attracted to one another, and there needs to be a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction where intimacy is concerned.

Arguments Become Screaming Matches

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Arguments aren’t necessarily a red flag, but if a couple cannot resolve issues without shouting and name calling, there is no future. Constant screaming matches aren’t good for anyone’s mental health.

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