His Girlfriend Brought Her Friends On Their Romantic Getaway Without Asking. He Left Because They Had No Private Time. Should He Still Propose?

Couples usually look forward to getting away together and spending quality time while enjoying a vacation. Life can be hectic with careers, and other obligations, so many people look forward to short trips where they can focus on each other. Romantic getaways are also a way for many lovers to set the scene for a proposal. 

The Backstory

The original poster (OP) and his girlfriend have been dating for five years. OP planned a vacation primarily to celebrate this milestone. OP planned this trip several months in advance while always keeping his girlfriend in the loop. They agreed to a Colorado skiing trip, and OP had secretly planned to propose at the end before coming home.

5 days before the trip, his girlfriend Sarah told OP she invited two friends to meet them in Colorado. OP was upset as she knew it was an anniversary trip, so clearly, it was supposed to be just the two of them. Even though OP told her he wasn’t happy about it, Sarah insisted her friends had already made plans to come and wouldn’t back out. 

OP let it go and carried on with the trip. He still expected there would be enough private time for him to propose. However, that didn’t happen. Instead, Sarah was with her friends the entire time, and OP had no personal time with her. 

Tired of Being Second to Her Friends

After three days of no-alone time with Sarah, OP decided to leave and go home. He told Sarah why he was leaving, and her friends ganged up on him because he was ruining the fun. Sarah thinks OP is a jerk for making her pick between him and her friends. OP insists he has never had issues with her friends or interfered with her spending time with them before. Sarah was fully aware that this was meant to be a romantic getaway with just the two of them, and the fact that she wasn’t making an effort to spend time with him alone was unfair to OP.

Does OP Need to Reevaluate This Relationship?

Sarah and her friends think OP overreacted and ruined the trip by leaving. He is happy to be home, relaxing, and thinking about the relationship. OP feels like Sarah was disrespectful and rude by inviting her friends and then having them gang up on him. Where does his relationship with Sarah stand now?

They have been together for five years and have discussed marriage. So it wouldn’t have been entirely unexpected that he would propose. 

Readers Share Their Thoughts

A simple question received over 10,000 upvotes (a way of approving a comment):

“You sure you still wanna propose?” 

More readers showed OP support:

“I just can’t understand why she would think that it was appropriate to invite her friends to a romantic trip firstly and secondly why she didn’t run it pass OP before doing it! What a selfish, inconsiderate, rude and ungrateful act! Then once she forced him to accept it, she leaves him out of things in favour for her friends, who then all gang up and gaslight him accusing him of ruining the holiday. How dare they?!! I’m glad that he has he’s friends with him for support to deal with these rude, selfish, ungrateful gaslighting girls. Then maybe it’s best to put the engagement on hold for now and then review the relationship in peace away from her, so you can get a better prospective.”

“You can also meet up with friends traveling to the same place without spending your whole vacation with them. So bizarre and rude of both Sarah and the friends.”

Was Sarah Trying to Prevent the Proposal?

In a possible plot twist, some readers wonder if Sarah invited her friends intentionally to ruin any chance of OP proposing.

“Maybe she knew he was going to propose and doesn’t want to marry him so she invited them on purpose to ruin it.”

“I think it’s quite possible that Sarah asked the friends to come along to upset the proposal she sensed might be coming. OP’s proposal plans may not have been on quite as solid ground as he thought.”

Almost everyone says it’s time to take a step back and consider ending the relationship.

“I would sit her down and go through the plans you had including the proposal. Watch the Pikachu face, and then tell her you need time apart to evaluate the relationship.”

“The OP should take a step back and rethink whether they want to commit to the GF when she purposefully disrupts plans for a romantic anniversary trip by bringing friends along and then tells OP that they are being a spoilsport by leaving when GF and her friends are having a “great time”. She marginalized them for a reason, perhaps OP should see if that was a good reason for them to break up.”

Should OP work things out and still propose to his girlfriend of 5 years?

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