She Waited 7 Hours to Buy Two Concert Tickets. Now Her Friend is Being a Jerk and She Doesn’t Want to Go with Her. Can She Sell Her Ticket or Does Her Friend Own It Because She Paid for It?

The original poster (OP) sat in the Ticketmaster queue for seven hours to get tickets to the Taylor Swift concert. She got two tickets, one for herself and one for her friend. She and her friend were very close. However, OP says her friend has become very rude and showing passive-aggressive behavior towards her lately. OP has tried to ask her if she has done something wrong, but her friend keeps saying no and refuses to talk about it. OP has tried not to let it bother her, but other friends have told her she constantly talks about OP behind her back. OP also knows she always messages her boyfriend about how annoyed she is with her. 

She believes her friend recently started being nice to her because she wants to attend the concert. OP says she wants to sell the ticket because she doesn’t want to go with her friend or even sit beside her at the concert. She is sick of being treated like garbage. Her friend paid for her ticket at face value, however, the tickets are still under OP’s Ticketmaster account. She says she would sell the ticket at face value and return the money to her friend. She says she hasn’t paid for gas or the hotel, so if she receives her ticket money back, she won’t be out any money. But she does feel bad taking away her opportunity to see Taylor Swift. 

The concert is in one month, and she is reaching out to the online community to ask what she should do. To her, the friendship is over and will be officially done if she refuses to travel to the concert with her anyway. But the main issue is that she doesn’t want to spend three hours sitting beside her at the concert.

Hundreds of readers weighed in. The response that received the most votes said she wasn’t wrong for selling the ticket.

“NTA, if you give her 100% of her money back. You shouldn’t have to spend that much time with somebody who makes you so uncomfortable and miserable. It would suck the joy out of the entire concert. And you definitely don’t want that. But if you sell the ticket, all pretenses drop, and things between you two will get even worse. You’ll definitely lose the friendship, such as it is. So, just be prepared to deal with the blowback.”

“On top of which, OP is also the one who spent all the time and effort getting the tickets in the first place. You’d think the friend would show at least the bare minimum amount of appreciation. It’ll be a painful lesson, but one that needs to be learned.”

“NTA if you refund her money. Dude, she wasn’t even nice to you. You were treated like garbage. Play stupid game, win stupid prizes.”

However, many readers said her friend paid for the ticket, so she now owns it.

“She sounds like she absolutely sucks, but the reality of your agreement and her payment is that that ticket belongs to her. You don’t have to go with her. But you do have to give her her ticket.”

“YTA, give her the ticket. I had tickets with a person I am no longer friends with. I texted them to see if they still wanted the ticket or not and then sent it to them. You had an agreement in which you would buy tickets together.”

“Let her keep the ticket and find her own hotel and transportation to and from the venue. If she already paid you for it, it’s still hers. Either that or offer to buy it off of her and take someone else. YTA if you sell a ticket that she paid for.”

Several said OP could have legal implications if she sells the ticket behind her friend’s back.

“It’s her ticket. If she wants to sell it, that’s up to her. However, you’re not obligated to go with her in the same vehicle. She could possibly sue you for selling her ticket since she paid you for it. Let me be clear, you are currently the steward of her property. It’s not yours to do with what you want, even if you plan to give her back what she paid. SHE could sell it for a lot more if she decides not to go.”

“If she sent it via Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp, or something similar, at or around the time of purchase for the exact amount of the ticket, that seems pretty cut and dry to me that there was an agreement. I would assume there are also corresponding text messages about it which would no longer make it just a verbal agreement.”

What do you think? Should she sell the ticket because she wants nothing more to do with this former friend? Is it a risk because her friend actually paid for the ticket?

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