The Professions That Are Branded as a Bunch of Scam Artists

There is no doubt about the fact that there are plenty of noble professions out there. Whether we are talking about doctors, firefighters, paramedics, children’s services workers, and volunteers of all sorts, there are plenty of professions where the people are very highly respected. However, there are seemingly just as many professions where the people are considered scam artists. Here’s a look at a variety of professions where the people are considered to be nothing more than con artists looking to steal your money.

1. “How to Get Rich” Book Writers

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Books on how to get rich overnight are a dime a dozen. If you go to your local bookstore, at any given time, you’ll find no less than thirty of these books floating around on the shelves, and they all claim to be able to provide you with the secret to getting rich, a secret that supposedly no one else has discovered so far. Folks, if getting rich were that easy, everybody would be doing it!

“I can show you how to be a billionaire. $29.95 please.”

2. YouTubers Claiming to Know Secret Side Hustles

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Related to the first scam artist job, with emerging technology, we now have a new generation of people claiming that they know how to get rich, Youtubers. These flashy youtubers often wear bright clothes, fill their videos with distracting noises, and make you think that they’re fleeting moment of fame is thanks to some random side hustle that they’re now promoting. Rest assured, it’s nothing more than a bunch of baloney.

“Yes, if they’re making so much money on Etsy and writing ebooks using ChatGPT, then why are they trying to convince me to buy their 60 minute video to learn how to do it also?”

3. Anything Related to Self-Help

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We do still seem to be on the topic of people who write books, make videos, or even perform live on stage. The simple fact is that there are thousands of self-help con artists out there, claiming that they have the secret to help you with some kind of problem, whether it be gaining confidence, finding women, or losing weight. These people all claim to have some kind of secret solution that up until now nobody has ever managed to come up with. It just doesn’t make sense!

“There’s some serious gems in the self help and business leader development sections. They’re usually buried or surrounded by 15 copies of hot garbage.”

4. Timeshare Salespeople

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The really funny thing about timeshares is that they aren’t necessarily scams per se, but they’re never a good deal either. You end up paying a huge amount of money to go stay in a vacation home for just a couple of days a week, you often have to share it with other people, and you have to do the cleaning too. It’s just never as good as it sounds.

“But how else can I say I have a little place in Aspen?”

5. Ticketmaster

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OK, so Ticketmaster might not be in that exact profession per se, but there are definitely a whole lot of people who work for this ticket sales organization. The simple reality is that these people rip everybody off for every penny that they can steal. Those tickets should never cost as much as they do!
“If you’re an executive at Ticketmaster, straight to jail. No trial, nothing.”

6. Telemarketers

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Ah yes, the ever-loved telemarketer, the person who calls you right when you’re eating dinner just to try and scam you out of a few dollars for a product that nobody ever wants, needs, or has heard of. Let’s not forget that there’s about a 50/50 chance that they’re total scam artists who want to steal your credit card number or social insurance number.
“No. They may be scammers, but they are definitely not artists.”

7. Televangelists

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The Lord has healed you of all your ailments! Or something like that, right? Yeah, we’ve all seen them, those faith healers on TV that touch somebody’s forehead, those people convulse violently, and then all of a sudden, hey, it’s a miracle, cancer is gone! Of course, everyone with half a brain between their ears knows that these guys are pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

“I was brainwashed. I was traumatized. I lost friends, family and my youth (age 18 — 23 period in my life is the cringiest one). I felt lonely and I felt awful.”

8. Chiropractors

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There are a whole lot of chiropractors floating around on the Internet right now who treat famous athletes. They appear to do a whole lot of good, when in reality they usually just treat the symptoms, the pain, as opposed to the underlying problem. Not treating the underlying problem allows chiropractors to get a whole lot of repeat business from people who never actually get healed. They aren’t even qualified doctors!
“They alleviate the symptoms not treating the problem so lots of repeat business. Also they’re not medically certified and aren’t required to carry malpractice insurance”

9. Carnies

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People who work at carnivals are usually considered to be fairly slimy and sneaky people. They always try to get you to play their games that are impossible to win.

“Carnival barkers trying to lure you to a rigged / unwinnable game of hit the pins where they are glued to the table.”

10. MLMs

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MLM’s, otherwise known as multi-level marketing scams, pyramid scams, and a great way to scam as many people out of as much money as possible, have been around for decades, and they still continue to exist. Hey, why don’t you buy $5000 worth of Tupperware from us, and then try to force it on all of your friends, and maybe even make a buck in the process?! Anybody remember the Avon lady?

“I am fascinated that this seems to be a market exclusively for women. There are hundreds of pyramid schemes aimed at women. There’s no male equivalent to the Avon lady.”

11. Cryptocurrency Investors

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Most people consider cryptocurrency to be a scam, and anybody dealing with it to be scam artists. After all, how are you supposed to trust in something that has no physical backup?
“Anyone dealing in cryptocurrency.”

12. Politicians

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Politicians do whatever they have to get elected and then promptly forget any and all promises they made to their constituents. Politics is perhaps one of the biggest professions where everybody is considered to be nothing more than a low down con artist.
“Politicians. They tell you what you want to hear get money from you to run for office, get your vote to be elected but once in office they don’t really do anything for you unless you are rich.”

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