The Bizarre Relationship Dealbreakers Some People Can’t Wrap Their Heads Around

Relationships are some of the most complicated structures on the face of this planet. Whenever two people come together and try to live their lives as one, things often go wrong.
There are many common deal breakers that send people running for the hills, but there are also others that are far less common. The following is a list of different relationship deal breakers that have ended relationships, but might not be a big deal to other people.

1. Posting on Social Media

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Although social media has become a huge part of most of our lives, many people still find it very off putting that others go around posting every single detail of their lives online. Some people just don’t want their personal lives being posted online for everyone else to see, and this includes the relationship status.
“Boyfriend also didn’t want me posting pics of him on socials. He “didn’t like the world knowing his life.”

2. Never Doing the Planning

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Although many women might like that their men let them do all of the planning, it’s not always the case. Sometimes, women might feel neglected, or like the man doesn’t care about the relationship, if they don’t help with any of the planning, such as for dates and nights out.

“I like to feel wanted. So if I’m planning all the dates, initiating all the texts and calls, initiating sex every time then it wont work out. I’m gonna feel like your not in to me and I’d rather not waste my time or yours.”

3. Chewing With Mouth Open

man happily eating food, has a wrap in his mouth
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Although some people might not mind sitting across from what essentially amounts to a sloppy camel eating their grain, some of us aren’t comfortable with that. Some people just can’t handle watching others chew with their mouths open, because quite frankly, it’s a bit disgusting.

“I am from the Middle East. If you eat with your mouth open it’s disrespectful and usually have an entire slipper shoved into your mouth to close the gap.”

4. Not Clearing the Time on the Microwave



Using the microwave is pretty standard practice in today’s world, but it seems that some people can’t handle when others don’t clear the time. Sometimes food is done before the buzzer sounds, but you better clear the time on the microwave and set it back to zero before removing your food. Some people might not like you otherwise.

“Stopping the microwave before zero and not clearing the time.”

5. Ex-Smokers

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While smoking is bad and we congratulate people who have managed to quit, sometimes the sometimes they can be difficult. Former smokers have a tendency to react very poorly when other people smoke around them, and for some people this is a dealbreaker. No one wants to see you freak out because someone else is smoking a cigarette.
“Cigarette smoker. Ex-smoker here. “The worst non-smokers are ex-smokers.”

6. Random Interactions with Strangers

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For some people, talking to everybody they see on the street and in a grocery store is natural, but for others it’s just kind of creepy. It can be weird to see your significant other talking to random people and sharing seemingly important life details with them. We certainly wouldn’t want someone sharing dark and dirty secrets with everyone they come across.

“My ex used to go up to strangers at the grocery store and ask their opinion on random items. So that.”

7. Incompatible Hobbies

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For most people, having different hobbies is not a big deal. However, there are also those people who need their partners to share all of the same interests and hobbies as them. For some people, not having the same hobbies is a dealbreaker.

“We don’t need to have the same hobbies but, for example, if they’re the type of active people who act as if they may die if they breathe indoors air, then we are not compatible.”

8. Bad Driving

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While there are many people who tolerate bad drivers, for many, it’s a sign of worse things to come. If you have road rage, you drive like a lunatic, or you text while you’re drive, it could be a sign of worse things to come in a relationship.

“So much this. My ex would have me and his 2 children in the car and be throwing a road rage hissy fit.”

9. A Lack of Passion

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Most people are happy going through their lives working, going home, watching some TV, and doing it all over again. Many of us just don’t have time to be passionate about any one thing, because most of us are just concerned with putting food on the table and keeping a roof over our heads. However, a lack of passion appears to be a problem for some people.

“Lack of passion, whether it be a hobby, personal beliefs, or anything in general.”

10. Constantly Being Late

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It has become very common for people to just be downright rude and always show up late no matter what, often citing some nonsense excuse as the reason for said lateness. Many of us simply accept this as the new reality. However, there are still some good people left in this world who do not tolerate people being tardy on a constant basis. 

“Consistent lateness. Everybody is late once in a while because life, but when you have those people who are constantly late for everything, and they leave you waiting for them over and over and over again? I just find it so incredibly disrespectful and it’s a huge deal breaker.”

11. Baby Talk

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This one is on the fence, because some people seem to really like baby talk, whereas others don’t. Some women may like when their men use baby talk because it signifies that he is ready to be a father. But there are also those women who are completely turned off by it.

“I found out recently that baby talk is a deal breaker for me. Dude speaks 3 languages and he said “peeez” instead of “please” 2 too many times and it just made him unattractive to me.”

12. Not Willing to Argue

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Although many people enjoy when their partners are submissive and simply give into their wills and opinions, this is not always the case. There are those people who respect when their partners stand up for themselves and argue for what they believe in.

“Call me crazy, but be willing to have an argument. Take a stand! Defend a point. Persuade me to change my mind. Be willing to have an intelligent, adult discussion about something. Don’t just agree to agree, and don’t just shout because you don’t agree.”

13. Acting Embarrassing in Public

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It can be problematic if one partner is much more immature than the other, including the following behavior:

“Embarrassing me in public by trying to obnoxiously argue.”

14. Making Fun of Their Hobbies and Interests

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“Even if it’s in a joking way. I’ve never done that to any of my partners, but every abusive partner I have had engaged in that behavior before things got bad. Never again.”

15. Always Cancelling

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“I understand that stuff happens, but if we’re just getting to know each other and you cancel more than twice in a row, I gotta move on.”

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