He Left the Trip Early Because His Girlfriend Pranked Him and Humiliated Him In Front of Her Family and Friends. Is He Being Too Sensitive?

He has been with his girlfriend for eight months. They recently went on a week-long beach trip with her friends and family. His girlfriend had been planning this trip for a long time and was looking forward to it, especially since she wanted him to get to know everybody. But a problem arose during the trip. He is reaching out to the online community to see if he might be overreacting.

On the third day of the trip, they planned to go river floating. When he arrived, he looked through his bag for his swim trunks but couldn’t find them. Instead, he found a navy blue pair. When he asked his girlfriend, she replied, “oh yeah, that’s the extra one I packed in case you lost yours.” Believing his girlfriend was thoughtful for doing this, he changed into them and headed towards the river. 

After sitting in their tubes and floating for a few minutes, he felt his suit getting baggier and even noticed a piece falling off. He was disappointed they were a cheap pair but kept going, not thinking much of it. But once they hit the rapids, he felt a sudden rush of cold water and noticed the water had torn his trunks completely. He stood up, covering himself with the last piece of cloth remaining. Everyone else, around fifteen of his girlfriend’s family and friends, started to laugh. 

He says he was horrified, especially because one of his fears is being naked in public. Now he was completely naked with no way to get back. He felt trapped and humiliated. He spent the rest of the day with the water up to his shoulders, feeling awkward and embarrassed the whole time. He was forced to stand up and walk exposed in front of them whenever they were in shallow water. They all made fun of him and commented on his body as well. His girlfriend’s cousins also made rude remarks about his private area when he couldn’t cover it. 

When they returned to the beach, he ran to cover himself with his towel. He went back to his room feeling angry and humiliated. After he changed, his girlfriend came in giggling. She asked him if he liked the new trunks and then confessed that she had ordered a pair of prank trunks that dissolve in water and replaced it with his regular ones. He was livid that she had purposely exposed and violated him for a good laugh. She even ensured not to pack a regular pair of trunks or a towel. He started to yell at her, and she told him to calm down because it was just a joke. 

He left that night and didn’t call her the next day. She called him, screaming and acting as if he had wronged her. She said she worked hard to organize this trip, and he was being immature. He wasn’t comfortable being there anymore, especially around her family and friends. But he says he can understand how he ruined the trip. He is asking the online community if he was wrong to leave.

Most of the readers supported him and said his feelings were justified.

“I really hate this trend of humiliating people you’re supposed to care for.”

“A prank is only funny if EVERYONE is laughing.”

“Nine out of ten “pranks” are actually bullying.”

What would have happened if the roles were reversed and she had to walk around without clothes all day?

“She would absolutely lose her mind if this “prank” was pulled on her.”

Many readers encouraged him to end the relationship.

“Next step is to dump her. You deserve so much better.”

“Run, run far away, and never look back. This girl is pure toxic, as well as her friends and family. I can’t believe no one stood up, said this isn’t okay, and defended you. I can’t believe they all body-shamed you. I’m sorry you went through this. I bet if she’d had to spend the day naked in front of strangers while they body-shamed and humiliated her, she wouldn’t be laughing. Block her.”

“She ruined her own trip and her relationship. Get rid of her.”

What do you think? Should he have let it go and laughed at the joke? Or is he justified in feeling humiliated? Is the prank grounds for breaking up with his girlfriend?

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