man looking uncomfortable on date with woman

First Date Red Flags Men See in Women

When you date someone new, you generally try your best to make a good first impression. But sometimes, red flags jump out in your first meeting. Readers were asked to discuss first-date red flags men see in women. It’s interesting to see if women see the same flags in men and hear about their wild and hilarious first-date stories. Here is what men had to say about the warning signs they saw on their first dates.

chicken breast and vegetables on a sheet pan

20 Sheet Pan Meals Perfect for Busy Weeknights

Are you looking for quick meal ideas that can be made with little prep work?

Preparing meals can be stressful when you’re working late and rushing to different kids’ activities in the evening. Many families end up getting take out much too often which is usually an unhealthy option and not budget friendly. Many families don’t realize although the sheet pan isn’t a flashy home appliance like an air fryer, it’s a baking tool that can make a quick and delicious dinner. Here are some  sheet pan meals that are great for those busy weeknights.

mom and daughter blowing bubbles

10 Things Kids Do Better Than Adults. Can We Learn From Them?

Ever feel like going back to your childhood to experience the days of carefree living? Being a kid is a sweet deal if you only had to struggle with vegetables and bedtime growing up. But can we learn some lessons from children and implement them as adults? 

Could thinking like a child have prevented world wars by giving all parties involved ice cream and slime to play with as a distraction?

Seriously, there are many things that children do better than adults. Some things on this list are just for fun, but consider things you can implement in your life today. Living in the moment and putting your problems aside for a little while, trying new things and adventures with the same enthusiasm as they have, and doing more of what makes you happy. 

a couple sitting on a beach

20 Best Vacation Hotspots that Totally Live Up to the Hype

The ability to travel is a privilege and a dream for many. With so many beautiful places to visit, how do you narrow down the best destinations? Traveling is also a huge commitment of time and money so it would be disappointing to go somewhere far that doesn’t live up to expectations. 

According to Reddit, the following is a list of vacation hotspots that live up to the hype. So get ready to pack your bags and book your flight after reading this list.

woman sitting infront of the stove looking stressed and cleaning

Help I Hate Cleaning! 15 Tips to Motivate You to Clean

Cleaning is like the Groundhog’s Day of life.  For those not familiar with the term, its when a series of unwelcome events appear to be recurring in exactly the same way – such as the never ending cycle of picking up clothes and clutter, dusting, vacuuming and mopping! Yes, I hate cleaning.

Cleaning is tiresome, boring and repetitive. Its definitely the last thing you want to do when you get home after a full day of work or have some down time.

I know there are people who exist who find cleaning fun and relaxing. Sorry but I don’t think that this article is for you!

No, we are not being lazy. There are plenty of ‘I hate cleaning’ memes and even I hate cleaning reddit posts that show that its a common problem and the struggle is real!

Cleaning just isn’t the way we prefer to spend our time! But we know it must get done. So for those of us who need some cleaning motivation, here are some ideas to help you get through this and get your house sparkling (or close enough).