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Bad Dating Advice Women Give Each Other

Women need to have a few great friends to turn to for love, support, and fun when needed. But what happens when they start giving you lousy dating advice that is keeping you single? Are you driving away good men by listening to your tribe and implementing terrible dating tips? The following is a list of bad dating advice women give each other that sends men running.

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The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is around the corner and you want to show him how much he is appreciated. But deciding on the right gift is the biggest challenge. From electronics to comfortable shoes, this gift guide has you covered. We’ve rounded up some great ideas from every price point. Some are budget-friendly, and some are a splurge, but we guarantee dads will love these thoughtful gifts regardless.

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Delicious Birthday Cake Recipes to Bake For the Next Party

Do you love baking cakes for family and friends for birthdays and other gatherings but are tired of the same old plain vanilla or chocolate cake? You don’t have to stick with the traditional flavors any longer. Many inventive and flavorful cake recipes are easy to make and perfect for any occasion. So take your baking to another level by making one of these unique and delicious cake recipes for the next party.

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Tired of Hearing I’m Bored? Try These 50 Fun Activities for Kids

Trying to entertain bored children can be a challenge. Boredom can strike during hours outside of school so often that constantly taking them out for entertainment can significantly drain your budget. All parents would love for their kids to find activities to do that are free or affordable and keep the kids happy.
Prepare for the next time you hear the words ‘I’m bored’ by checking out this list of activities that are free or low-cost. Many are at home and can help keep the kids entertained for hours.

man looking uncomfortable on date with woman

First Date Red Flags Men See in Women

When you date someone new, you generally try your best to make a good first impression. But sometimes, red flags jump out in your first meeting. Readers were asked to discuss first-date red flags men see in women. It’s interesting to see if women see the same flags in men and hear about their wild and hilarious first-date stories. Here is what men had to say about the warning signs they saw on their first dates.