three woman, two on either side whispering in one woman's ear

Bad Dating Advice Women Give Each Other

Women need to have a few great friends to turn to for love, support, and fun when needed. But what happens when they start giving you lousy dating advice that is keeping you single? Are you driving away good men by listening to your tribe and implementing terrible dating tips? The following is a list of bad dating advice women give each other that sends men running.

woman sitting infront of the stove looking stressed and cleaning

Help I Hate Cleaning! 15 Tips to Motivate You to Clean

Cleaning is like the Groundhog’s Day of life.  For those not familiar with the term, its when a series of unwelcome events appear to be recurring in exactly the same way – such as the never ending cycle of picking up clothes and clutter, dusting, vacuuming and mopping! Yes, I hate cleaning.

Cleaning is tiresome, boring and repetitive. Its definitely the last thing you want to do when you get home after a full day of work or have some down time.

I know there are people who exist who find cleaning fun and relaxing. Sorry but I don’t think that this article is for you!

No, we are not being lazy. There are plenty of ‘I hate cleaning’ memes and even I hate cleaning reddit posts that show that its a common problem and the struggle is real!

Cleaning just isn’t the way we prefer to spend our time! But we know it must get done. So for those of us who need some cleaning motivation, here are some ideas to help you get through this and get your house sparkling (or close enough).

women yelling at man

Why Men Divorce: The Final Straw

Relationships can be challenging. Before committing to marriage, it is helpful to get insight into why some relationships don’t last. Male readers were asked to discuss why men divorce and what was the final straw that helped them make the decision.

woman licking icing from her finger and holding a cupcake

17 Keto Desserts When Sugar Cravings Strike

Keto is a low carb, low sugar diet that can be a big lifestyle commitment for followers. The good news is, you can still slim down and indulge in some treats as long as you stay within your carb count. Here is a list of Keto treats that are absolutely delicious and will keep you on the path to Keto success. 

a cook in the kitchen

Nice and Not So Nice Celebrities to Cook For

Some celebrities like to remain under the radar and undisturbed if they are enjoying a meal out in a restaurant and some go out of their way to engage with the staff. The following are real experiences people had preparing meals for celebrities who came to the establishment where they worked in the kitchen.